Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tot Time - The Week I really got down to work

Tot School

This week, I really got my mind wrapped around what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it!  For me, it all starts with planning so here are a couple of snapshots of what I'm doing:

 The first thing I use is this simple planner.  This idea comes from my teaching days - the standard lesson planner.  Each row is for Monday-Friday and the columns are: Circle Time; Bible; 123/ABC's; Reading; Math; Other (Science, SS, ect).  I use this to go through the various sites I'm using to write down the quick reference of what I want to do each day in each "subject"  Basically, this is my brainstorming sheet. 
(I tried numerous times to get this load the right way but Blogger just say no!!"  From there, I write out each weeks "Specifics".  I go day by day and list everything from lyrics to the songs or poems to the items I need to make, print, or purchase.  The last page has the specific purchase items as well as where to purchase it from and the cost so I can plan my budget.   I have accomplished the first 4 weeks of planning on paper and it gets easier each time.  The nice thing is that the base curriculum I'm using has a review week ever 4 weeks so I can do anything on that 4th week that I did not get to during the previous 3 weeks!!   My next goal is to work the next 2 weeks (yep, 2!) and get everything I need made, printed, and purchased so I can than start working on weeks 5-8. 

I also wanted to share a few of the books that my 18 month old is really loving right now! 

The Dr. Suess book was a favorite of both of my boys but my 18 month old just adores it right now.  It has all kinds of textures to play with while reading.  Another favorite is the Book of Opposites - it is just a simple one word on each page but he loves hearing it and can now say many of the words.  We also have Baby's First Animals (shown) and Baby's First Words (non shown).  He loves going page by page and naming all of the pictures (or making the animal sounds)  I also forgot to get a picture of Seven Silly Monkeys - he adores that book!  Nine times out of 10, he will grab one (or all ) of these books for us to read!

Next week I'll post the specific sites I'm using for the various "subjects" and plans. 

That's all for this week!

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