Monday, July 18, 2011

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify - # 7

Remember this?

And this?

Yes, that sweet peaceful feeling that I'm working towards throughout this year in order to simplify my life and the daily life of my family as well.  It is month number 7 of this journey and I think it is time to regroup a little.  I knew that the summer would be hard on my plans - I tend to do a lot of nothing during the heat of the summer :-)  I've been thinking of what I needed to put into action this month but the more I thought about it the more that thought of "regroup" kept popping back into my brain.  So instead of picking something new - I'm going to to do just that, regroup, and list the outstanding projects and what my plans on for each of them in order to get them accomplished.  Because this isn't even going up until the middle of July - I also plan on working towards these regrouping goals in August in order to hopefully get alot accomplished!

Simplify # 1- I accomplished everything on this list already so there is nothing to add :-)

Simplify # 2
Organizing Books, Games, DVD's and CD's
1. Devise a storage system in the truck for the kids DVD's - I just need to find the perfect basket for this - I haven't found anything at home so I just need to start searching places when we are out and about.
2. Hang up Gutter Shelves in the boys rooms for books - I have the gutters; I just have to pick up some spray paint to paint them the color I want.  Once the painting is done, we'll hang them up and fill them with books! 

The Bathroom 
1. Do all touch up painting - I have had the paint for months, it is just a matter of doing this and it will be done.
2. Finishing Touches: Put on a new door knob, the strip to finish the floors, put up a couple pieces of trim, add stripping around the top of the shower, clean off the hinges. 

The Kitchen
I'm going to alter the original list and only list the first few things we want done.  I will get back to the full list but this needs to come down in chunks first I think!
1. Finish cabinets - hang the cabinets, fill all gaps and cracks, do all touch up painting.
2. Paint the trim that needs to be finished.
3. Prime and paint the walls.
So . .once we get all of that completed, we'll move on to the next few projects.

Simplify # 3
Vacation Planning
1. Create a binder of vacation ideas, fliers, packing lists ect
2. Write a master packing list

Gift Wrapping Center
1. Make sure I have all supplies - need to get tape, pens, etc so it is all in one spot.

Tot Time Storage
1. Hang display shelves on the wall to display the boys work.
2. Do touch up painting in the dining room (where the display will be)
3. Create artwork binder for each of the kids
On a side note - I am working on some basic preschool plans for the fall which will also play into this Tot Time Storage.

Simplify # 4
The Outside
The main focus of # 4 was working on the outside but we had to put that on hold due to job change.  We are still hoping to get a few things done before fall but that is not set in stone.  I'm not going to list anything specific at this time as this whole project might have to wait until spring.

Simplify #5
Everything in its place
1. The Basement - I have to clean the basement, again, and organize, again.  I want to go back through everything again (see the key word ha!) and clean out more stuff. 
2. Craft/Scrapbooking stuff - I'm slowly getting this organized but it is still a work in progress.
3. The Stairs - need to make that step basket, and set up a system for keeping the basement clean - instead of just dumping stuff until I can get to it. 

Simplify #6
This was the one that was really a discipline and I can say that I have been working on keeping my house "ready for anyone".  Again, summers are hard - we are outside a lot, it is hot, and we often are just ready to crash  . . .things get let go until fall and that's ok :-)

So, that is where I stand on these right now - I'm really hoping that I can get a vast majority of these marked off by the end of August so I can tackle a few last things before year end. 

On a side note - this week is looking to be one of the hottest and longest heat wave's this area has had in almost 25 years (since 1988!) so, needless to say, nothing is getting done.  I can't paint due to the heat and humidity and I'm not about to do any work - not when I sweat just sitting down HA! Hopefully this will break next week so that I can start August being able to get some work done!


Kids Activities said...

Lovely pictures.

The Carters said...

just a thought on organizing the DVDs for your truck. I got so tired of all the cases in the car, I just bought one of those CD albums from Target - the one that holds 50+ cds.. Took all the DVDs out of the plastic case and put them into the new "album". Now all are DVD's are in one compact site. And if want to watch a movie in the house, we just go get the carrying case from the car.

or you could get a smaller one like the one below and switch out movies.