Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I'm Reading

This is the book that I finished this week and I really enjoyed it.  I have actually set it aside to use in my daily quiet time once I finish up with the others I'm currently work on.  Lisa writes short chapters of info (2-4 pages at the most) than includes as many, if not more, pages of what she calls "rest stops" which are ideas for incorporating the "me" in Mommy.  I want to take time to read each rest stop at the end of the chapters and look for the ideas I can incorporate into my daily life.  She gives so many ideas that all you need to do is pick the one or two that really speak to you - not all of them!   This is a very easy to read book but I would give yourself time to absorb her ideas and put them into play in your life one at a time. 

The following three books are the three that I am currently using with my daily quiet time.

Then, I am currently reading The Total Woman.  This is the book that I originally picked because it kinda struck me funny.  The premise of the book is basically how you can impact your marriage and your husband based on how you treat him.  It was written back in the 70's so I figured it would be pretty outrageous but, you know what, I haven't laughed to much LOL  Instead, what I've found is simply this - she states the exact same things that I've read in other books recently about marriage but it is just written in a way that was in touch with woman at that time.  Men still want to be respected and admired - she also has some pretty creative ideas in that book too :-)   If you haven't read this book, it is really a very interesting read.

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