Saturday, June 11, 2011

Creative Memories Spotlight - Memory Manager 3.0

Did you see the Crafty Crafty post from earlier this week?  I shared how I created some graduation albums for my niece and nephew!  Today, I wanted to share more about Memory Manager 3.0
Memory Manager 3.0 Download for PC

This program is designed to help you easily organize, cross-reference and prioritize your photos.  I also love it because you can do simple editing to your photos as well.  Here are just a few samples of how I edited some recent photos:
This was the original picture - a little washed out and far away.

I pulled the boys closer, turned it to the sepia tone and that "brightened" the over all picture.  Much better!!

This one is almost perfect as it is . .  .

But I did brighten up the colors and pulled him in a little closer.

Super cute, right?  But it is kind of bland.

I brought him closer and than played with the shading to really intensive the greens in the photo and change the shadows. 
It is amazing how much your photos can change or improve by just editing them slightly.  With this program you can also remove unwanted items from a photo.  The program allows you to tag photos with stars so you can search by only "star level' to get the best of the best and, you are able to search right down to the day for photos. 

If you are looking for an easy way to organize your digital photos - this program is for you!  Feel free to check out my WEBSITE for more information. 

Thanks and have a wonderful Day!

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