Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Too Cute Not To Toot!

So, here's my little confession.  I had picked out 4 crafts to make before Easter for some cute Easter decor.  I bought the stuff and never made a single one!  Really!  I packed the stuff away in my Easter box for now and will get those items made before next year.  I think if I lived closer to a Hobby Lobby, I might actually get more little crafts made but I find that I make a long list of things I want to get, buy it all and than just don't know where to start!! Confession is good for the soul, right? Well, so are crafts so check out what I found this time around!

From a guest post over at Not Just a Housewife, check out this easy tutorial for making hooded towels. 
My oldest loves Trains - so when I saw this idea, I had to save it because it will make a fantastic Birthday Gift (and it gives me plenty of time to make it!)  Check out this idea for making a traveling train play mat from A Mom Not a Professional, Not a Perfectionist.

She also gives instructions on how to make Cascarones - which is an Easter Tradition in Mexico.  I've heard about doing this with the eggs and think it sounds fun.  I'm putting it here so I don't forget about it next year!
Another idea from that same site above is a Chore Chart.  We haven't gotten as far as a chore chart in our house yet but that day is coming so I'm watching for ideas that might work for our family.  I like this idea - plus she also gives some ideas surrounding the whole concept in this post as well.
Last week I shared one May Day idea from Nothing but Country and here is another great idea.  Yes, I realize May Day is already past but this idea would also be cute at a birthday party or even a shower. 
Oopsey-Daisey did a guest post over at Brown Paper Packages and showed how she organized her sons books.  This is one of the things on one of my Simplify Lists that I ended up just saying that I wasn't going to do because I didn't have a good solution.  I think I just came up with one!
Also over at Brown Paper Packages is a great Mother's Day Idea.  It is a stepping stool - but use footprints to make it special.  This would also make an adorable Christmas gift for Grandparents to have in their home - and the kids could use it when they come over :-)

This is the first year that I really struggled trying to find my boys outfits for something - in this case it was Easter.  There were literally 3 things to chose from; two were long sleeves and with summer coming, I didn't want long sleeves!  Luckily the 3rd outfit was something adorable and actually fit what I had in mind but, I'm already thinking ahead and love this tutorial from I Candy Handmade for making ties.  We have at least one wedding in 2012 that my boys will need ties for so I better get practicing :-) 
I Candy Homemade guest posted over at I am Momma Hear Me Roar and shared another quiet book idea.  I've shared fabric quiet idea books in the past but this one uses dry erase crayons and markers along with printables and sheet protectors.  I love the idea and you could morph it to fit your own style - whether it be something for church so you use handouts that fit your church or something fun to take in the car or to have at the doctor's office, hair salon or where ever!
Another idea from over at I am Momma Hear Me Roar is a photo scavenger hunt.  For kids who are starting to be interested in using the camera - this would be a neat teaching idea plus, it would just be fun! 

I'm always looking for great gift ideas for grandparents for Christmas and this is another one from Oopsey-Daisy that fits the bill.  Something so simple yet so classy!

As is the norm, there are a ton of great ideas out there.  This time, I figured if someone had one good idea, they might have two (and I was right!)  I came across several new crafty blogs this week and really liked what I saw (obviously!)  I hope you did too!

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