Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Parade of Homes Tour

I hadn't originally planned on posting about this but, I think that some of you may enjoy getting a glimpse into some homes for ideas!  I must admit that when I clicked on a few, I was impressed by them but they reminded me of a showroom or a catalog so I didn't go back but, today I clicked on a few out of curiosity and came across some that fit "me" (one even  has a kitchen that is the same colors mine will be and one has the same stove as I do!).  When I saw that, I realized that I just needed to see some that were more my style. 

So, if you like to look inside other people's windows at night when you are out driving (you know you do it too - hope that the curtains are open so you can get a quick glance!!) than this little parade is for you!!

If you click here at A Bowl Full of Lemons, it should take you to the first post.  At the end of each post, there should be a "door" that takes you to the next tour.  I think you should be able to keep clicking all the way through to the last post of the day.  This is going on all week! 

Hope you enjoy the tour!


Farmer's Wyfe said...

Thanks, Jackie. Sometimes I get overwhelmed at how enormous and beautiful and perfect people's houses are...and WHITE!! I'm afraid my mud-laden children already dirty up the dirty colors I have. I'll never be a white home-owner, but that's okay. I'd rather have the ruckus...most days. :)

everything.beautiful said...

Lol. Yes Mam, I am a peeker :) I love to see how other people decorate their homes. I'm so not good in this area - I need all the inspiration I can get!!