Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happenings in this House

That's it folks :-)  Yep, it has been a busy week and the camera did not come out much.  Don't you just love our dog?  She needs two pillows for her head, apparently!!! 

So what has kept us busy?  My husband started his new job on Thursday - something we did not plan for at all.  We had thought he might start this coming Monday but when he went to orientation on Wednesday they wanted him to start training on Thursday.  He is working for S. Abraham and Sons - which delivers wholesale grocery items to gas stations and convenience stores.  So far he really is enjoying the work and has liked the people that are training him (which is a plus since you ride together for 10-14 hours!).  This is a job that starts early though - right now he is getting up by about 2:15 so that he can be ready to leave on route by 3:45.  The 50 minutes commute makes that a little rough but he just goes to bed early (so no one call us after 8:00!!! ha!) So far that is the one big adjustment.  We don't know yet what his "route" will be - but when he was hired he was told that he would be going to Chicago and into Wisconsin so he would be gone overnight.  Until he is done training we really won't know what he will normally have to do - but for now, we are getting used to a new "normal" which includes him being home on the weekends. 

I hope each of you had a wonderful week too :-)  We have some fun things planned this next week so there should be more pictures!

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