Friday, February 25, 2011

Savings Angel

**If you aren't interested in coupons or hearing what I save please skip this post :-)  This is for my benefit more than any one else so that I can see the benefit of hours spent working on coupons and price matching**

Welcome to another week of shopping at the Koll house!  On Thursday, while I was working on planning next weeks menu, doing coupons through Savings Angel, matching coupons to deals and getting everything organized, I mentioned to my husband that this is a full time job.  Seriously.  I spent at least 6 hours working on all of that stuff.  It goes to show you that honestly, if I did not have to use coupons or worry about a grocery budget I would not do it - I didn't do it for years!  I planned my menu and went to the store.  End of story.  Now though, we need every penny we can save so it is part of the way that I "earn" money for my family!  I really didn't even feel like going to the store tonight - I was tired and here it is 11:15 at night and the alarm will go off at 3:15 am so I can take my husband to work (the joys of one car still are with us LOL) Because of this - I don't feel like I really watched the sale prices well (sometimes they really aren't sales but only off by like $0.10) and maybe could have done better!    So here's the total:  This week the items in the picture would have cost $110.31 but they only cost me $51.90 - a difference of $58.41.  Not quite as good as last week but honestly, it is better than I thought.  There didn't appear to be as many coupons . .. until I got to the checkout and people actually left my lane because I had so many ;-)  My best deals were:
1. Laundry Soap - Normally 11.98 but I got it for $2.98
2. Lance Crackers - 2.98 but I got them for $0.74
3. Ole Jose Frozen Mexican items - Normally $9.98 but I got them for $2.99
4. V8 Fusion - Normally $6.86 but I got them for $2.00
5. Oreo Cookies/Graham Crackers/Milk - Normally $12.44 but I got them all for $6.00 (Milk was free if you purchased three of the other items plus I had a coupon!!)
This week I did buy some things that I would never have purchased without such a good sale - like the Ole Jose frozen items.  I've always wanted to try them but would never pay the money for them. If they aren't good I'll tell ya! :-) 

As always - here are a couple of closer pictures so you can see the items a little better

Last week I shared a few items I wouldn't buy again but this week there is one item that I purchased last week that has become my secret craving.  I'll be watching for sales/coupons just so I can buy more!

Oh, are these ever good.  I picked up both the brownie bites and the Caramel brownie cakes and they are to die for without a doubt.  The Caramel brownies are something I could live on for like a week.  The little bag of bites are great for grabbing a quick sweet and they are only 60 calories each, if I remember correctly.  So, next time you see them on sale - grab some and try them out!

I think that is all this week :-)

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