Friday, February 11, 2011

Savings Angel

 I think this is week three with Savings Angel and I was pretty happy with how I did overall.  There are two other pictures at the end of this post that show things a little more up close.  So, my Savings Angel total would have been $116.84 if I would have paid full price for those items but I only paid $61.39 saving me $55.05.  I was really hoping to get to at least half and thought I had done better but I noticed that several of my MPerks coupons did not come off my total and they should have - I'll have to watch that better in the future.  A couple of HUGE savings were Cat Treats which I got both for free and the Jell-O Puddings.  I purchased 8 packages of Jell-O Puddings which would have cost $23.12 but only cost me $8.00.  They were on sale for 2/$5 and I had two one dollar coupons off of 2 packages plus for every regular pudding you bought, you got a new "deluxe" kind for free.  We'll be eating Jell-O pudding for snack at night for awhile :-)  I did check expiration dates and they are good until April so we are fine :-)  So, I'm still learning this process and am hoping to continue to get better.  I'm slowly starting to stock up on some things which is also helping.  Next week, I'm planning to check out Walgreens through Savings Angel and try to pull $20.00 from my budget to put towards shopping there as I know you can get some fantastic deals there too!

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