Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happenings in the House

This week, my cat Misty immediately took over the new basket I put in our launch pad area.  She fits perfectly in the basket, doesn't she?

We made some Valentines for each other this week.  It was Nate's first time to color and yes, he likes to eat the crayons.  

 We had a little water issue this week - I moved a humidifier from the boys room to the living room and it over flowed not once, not twice, but three time.  It has now been moved to the garbage.  But there is more to this picture.  Notice ALL the empty squares.  I had a helper (I only moved the one basket that needed moved) My helper moved all of the baskets . . . . .

 to the kitchen.
 where he proceeded to play for hours.  Than, he put all of the things back in the baskets (like things together, of course) and moved them back to the bin :-)  Such a good helper he is!
 And than on Friday night we gave out "Heart Attacks" which were actually FUN!  I had cut out a bunch of hearts and we each made some to stick on a door assigned to each person.  (Somehow I ended with the bathroom door . . I wonder what that means?)
 Nate colored one for each of us (aka known as "No pants Nate")
 Josh made one for Nate (learning to share crayons is REALLY hard)
 But he was more interested in the scissors.  (Don't worry, they aren't sharp - they are decorative so it would take a lot to cut anything, including the paper!)
And here is one of the doors!  I look forward to this getting to be a bigger activity that lasts for weeks in February as the boys get older.  We can all sneak hearts on each others door through the weeks leading up to Valentines :-)

That's how our week went!  It seemed to be a busier week and I didn't get quite as many every day pictures but some weeks are like that, aren't they?  

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