Friday, February 4, 2011

Savings Angel

Shopping Success :-)  This is my third week using Savings Angel and it has really made a difference!  This week, I was really just shopping the deals since I did the bulk of my shopping for two weeks, last Friday.  See all of this stuff??? It would have cost, at full price, $68.96 but I only paid . .. . .$22.83 so that is a savings of $46.13  Can you believe it?  And yes, it is stuff that we use or like to have as special treats but I seldom buy (chip dip, pretzel bites, ect) because it never fit into the budget.  My best deals?  That Chip Dip - normally is $1.50 and I got it for $0.24; The cheese singles run $7.79 for the two packs but I paid $1.88; the pretzels are $2.62 normally and I paid $0.81. 
The more I use this system the more I love it.  I know it isn't for everyone because of the monthly fee but it has simplified so much for me - the coupon search, the coupon cutting and storing (because now I only cut out what I need for that week) and just the stress from shopping.  Yes, I'm still working on stocking up on things - for example . . I had to by Toilet Paper today - I couldn't get a great deal because we HAD to have it but one of the deals I'm watching for is Toilet Paper!!! 

If you don't enjoy reading my savings post - just skip this one (normally on Friday night) - I'm posting it because it is a great record for myself to show how much I'm saving :-)

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