Monday, February 21, 2011

March Ideas for the Kids!

We are still having fun with our February countdown calendar doing different activities 3-4 nights a week (planning for every night just doesn't happen . .. sometimes we just play!)
Now, though, Darryl paid me a wonderful compliment and handed me a little more work!  He said to me, "I really love how you planned all these activities - do you think you could do this every month?  Just 2-3 nights a week so we don't just end up sitting in front of the TV?"  How could I say no to that? 

I've already starting digging for ideas to do in March and thought I would go ahead and start sharing some links.  You will noticed that these are from last year based on the dates - I went to my favorite educational blogs and searched ideas since they haven't started coming out yet!  I'm sure I'll have new ideas before long but we have to start planning now :-)

First up is Roots and Wings.  I really like the concept of writing out the "I am lucky because . ." shamrock shapes.  It reminds me of doing the Heart Attacks for Valentines.  A great cooking idea is to make Shamrock Treats - use Lucky Charms instead of Rice Krispy Treats. 

She also a whole idea of using Lucky Charms Cereal for several activities which you can check out here
And finally, she showed this cute idea here - not sure if I'll find these this year but I'm going to be on the look out for them just in case.

Another site I found that has some cute ideas is JesseKateDesigns. This treasure hunt is a great idea for kids that are little older and it goes beyond just the hunt and teaches the "Pay it Forward" concept.  I don't think we'll be doing this one this year but I am saving it to use in another year or two!

She also gives this great glitter craft idea which you can find here. 

And she also gives another idea for doing the "I'm lucky" concept which is also super cute.  You can read the full post here
I love this Recipe for layered Jell-O that she gives as well.  I've made another version of the recently and it was much more work and wasn't as "soft" as I like my Jell-O.  This one looks awesome and I already know my kids love it!

One of my favorite blogs, Mydeliciousambiguity gives two great ideas for using the colors of the rainbow.  Check them both out using the above link!

She is also so good at giving these great downloads for Songs and Fingerplays.  I know my kids LOVE to sing and this really helps my search for fun seasonal songs.
And there's more!  She gives a recipe for edible fingerpaint and a project to make as well.  Check it all out here
Are you overloaded yet?  Just a few more :-)

Katie's Nesting Spot made these adorable cards to use for various games.  She gives great instructions on how to make them and how to use them!

Secrets of a Super Mommy gives a whole bunch of great ideas in one post including doing a Shamrock hunt, buying the kids green shirts to wear for the day (and to use for the whole month) so they don't get "pinched", and giving them a green bath.  Check them all out by clicking the link I provided!
She also gives a fun list of 10 foods that you can turn green.  Check out all of the info here.
Are there more ideas?  You betcha but I think I'll stop for now!  I don't really want to overload you but watch for another post soon with some more ideas.

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