Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Check out this Cool Blog (And their giveaway!)

I seldom link back to Giveaways on other blogs I follow mostly because I'm selfish and the more I share, the less chance I have of winning and partly, well, I'm kinda lazy and it takes time to write up a nice post to benefit someone else.  BUT . ..

There is a blog I follow about a sweet family who I have come to adore; that is one of those odd things about blogs, isn't it?  You read about people you will more than likely never meet, share some comments and feel a connection.  Well the blog is Keeping up with the Carters
I think if we were neighbors, Shannan and I would be friends (and now she probably thinks I'm kinda "stalkerish" for saying that I'm really not.  I promise haha)  You really should check out their blog and read the story behind that adorable little boy. 

Well, beyond all the great stuff on the family. she is hosting a giveaway and maybe I'm still selfish because I get another entry by posting about this on this old blog LOL 

Have fun :-)

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Shannon said...

Thanks for sharing Jackie! Good luck! :)