Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentines Countdowns

Valentine's Day Countdowns
I think that I shared both of these ideas at some point in some post but I wanted to show you my finished product!

First of all is the Countdown that we are going to be doing with the boys throughout the WHOLE month of February.  I decided to start this countdown February first instead of starting it 30 days before Valentines day.  We were already during our Winter Unit in January and I wanted to save the hearts for February

Is that awesome or what?  Josh has already noticed it and wants to start using it now!
You can get all of the items you need to make this same countdown from a great blog called mydeliciousambiguity.  She e-mails you the numbers and cards with ideas on them as well as the instructions - it is just a small fee but so worth the time it saves. ! 

The other countdown calendar that I'm doing is the "14 Days of Valentines" with Darryl
This idea comes from Love Actually - click on the "shop" section at the top of her blog and scroll down that section until you get to the 14 days sections :-)  She also e-mails you the basics of what you need, again for a small fee.

The ideas are cute - like each telling your favorite dating memory or taking 15 minutes to look through your dating scrapbook; sending each other a love letter through the mail and sending a text to each other on one day.  We will be pulling the card the night before (so we will pull our first card on Jan 31st) so that way, we know what to do the following day (some require a little planning like picking up a small gift or getting a card)  It's just a fun idea to do some special things together!

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