Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Polka Dot Pumpkins

Today, on this perfectly fine fall day, I decided it was time to make some Polka Dot Pumpkins but first, we needed to really get into the fall spirit so we did this:

Josh and Nate both had a ton of fun playing in the leaves at a local park . . and yes, Nate wanted to eat every single one!
Once we got home and both boys went down for naps I went to work on my polka dot pumpkins

First, you need to get three different colored pumpkins, at least - you could get as many colors as you would like!
Here are my three lovely pumpkins!  I thought it would be easy to find these - it wasn't.  The place we went to, though, had "millions" of odd colors and weird shapes so I plan on getting more next year!

You will also need a very good apple corer.  And maybe a mallet if the pumpkins are really tough!

Use the apple corer to "core" the pumpkins, saving the piece that comes out.

Than use a different color "core" to fill in the hole.

When you are all done, they will look something like this :-)  Aren't they pretty? 
Just a different way to add to your decoration for fall!  Speaking of decorating - I'm working on my last item for my porch for this fall; than I'll give you the "Grand display" (ok maybe not that grand but it does look pretty nice!)

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