Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blog Stalker . . .Kinda

What have I been doing on this cold, rainy Saturday (which, by the way, I enjoy!)?  Well, I started out by canning Raspberry Jam.  Quick and easy - really.  Raspberries are nice because you don't have peel, cut, or remove a pit.  I like all the seeds in the jam so I just have to squish them up some and cook them before pouring into canning jars and "bathing" for 10 minutes.  Than I started my salsa - two batches planned for today which should be done right about . . .now. . .except . . .I forgot to buy one main ingredient; the tomato paste.  Grrrr!  It would be an easy fix except my husband has our truck . .. with the carseats . .. and is working . .. .  a double!!!  So, for now, the salsa is sitting; waiting to be cooked once he gets home with my forgotten ingredients.  He even told me he'll stay up with me tonight . . .maybe LOL 

So, while waiting, I got sucked in.  Into what?  Blogs.  Yes, I'm kinda a blog stalker.  I like the blogs I like and than I like to search the blogs they like.  Today my speciality was crafting blogs.  I added buttons to my page and the sites that didn't have buttons, I added to my list of blogs for now.  See, I love crafts - especially easy, cute crafts.  So what is the problem?  Where do you put all those cute crafts you make?  I have no idea!!!  But they sure are fun to look at and sometimes they can be used for holiday decorations instead.  I saw several today that I'd like to make for Christmas to decorate my house (just what I need - more Christmas decor!) but at least I can put it out and than put it away. 

I also decided that I think (hows that for deciding) I'm going to create a "dummy" blog.  I want to make my blog pretty; functional with cute little buttons and challenges but I haven't figured out how to make them yet.  (I've read the how-to's just haven't gotten them to work!) So instead of constantly messing with my good blog that works fine, I think I'll do this tester blog for all my ideas; layouts, etc so it doesn't matter if it gets messed up!  So when you see that I have a second blog (and I might make it private since it will be always a weird, odd work in progress) just know that it really is nothing - just a testing site :-)

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Kristi Lea said...

That's a good idea! I'm always worried when I mess with mine, that someone will stop by when it's in chaos!

I hope you get your salsa done! I didn't get anything done today that I wanted to, but I'm used to it. lol! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, and can find room for all the new wonderful crafts I know you're going to wind up making!