Wednesday, August 11, 2010

31 in 31

Recently I saw this idea posted on a blog that I follow (Living our Love Song) This blog is written by a woman who has faced a great trial recently and I have enjoyed reading blog - she is very honest and open about her life and the hurt they have felt but also shares the joy she is finding.  I was encouraged by her to incorporate this into my blog so here goes!  (Check on my list of blogs I follow to link up to her blog!)

The idea is to take 31 pictures over the course of the next 31 days and post them.  Now, I would LOVE to be a great photographer (it's on my list of 40 things to do before I'm 40!!) but currently I am limited by my lack of talent and my regular camera but that isn't going to stop me!  I am starting this challenge today - to look for that one picture each day that represents me; or stands out; or makes me think.  I want to LOOK for it , not just take it. When I am done, I'm going to take those 31 pictures and put them into a photo book . . I'm thinking about writing a story (now there's a challenge) so it can become one of the books my kids read too.  We'll see if that happens since I'm only so creataive!  But I also started thinking about other times this idea would be great:
1) The birth of a new baby - take one picture for the first 31 days of the new life and put them into a photo book to share
2) Graduation - take pictures the last 31 days before your child graduations (or YOU graduate) and place them into a photobook.  What a great way to remember all of the excitment from those last 31 days. OR your childs first 31 days of K-5???
3) Birthdays - either the 31 days before the birthday - ending with that shot with the cake or start with the birhtday and the first 31 days of the new "year".  I think this would be great for milestones - if you are turning 40 - take pictures of your last 31 days in your 30's. 
4) What about Christmas?  I decorate my whole house for Christmas over the course of November - so maybe the 31 days of decorating to show the transformatoin from "regular" to "holiday" - what a great coffee table book for the holiday??
5) Just the every day - aren't there always times we  wish we had taken more pictures - so start today and for the next 31 days, pick out that one shot, and create a memory of the next month. 

If you chose to take this challenge - make sure and post a comment so I can follow your 31 days too!!

So here is day one - August 11, 2010 - This picture is of my dog, China; my very scared dog who has no where to hide except behind this chair now that we keep more doors closed.  There was a HUGE storm this morning and she was just a shaking like crazy - this  picture just makes me feel so bad for her :-(

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