Friday, November 5, 2010

How Much Do You Love Kohls?

 I learned something new at Kohl's today!  I've always know that they have the most incredible return policy but today it just got better.  Once, I returned two shirts that I had purchased for gifts and than didn't end up needing them (I bought too many!).  I returned them over a year later with a receipt and got my money back.  I've returned stuff in the past without a receipt and just got the current price.  Today, I returned an outfit I had bought for Nate this past summer.  It really didn't fit his personality after I bought it for him.  I could not find my receipt so I knew that I would get less than half of what I paid for it but that was better than nothing.  Much to my surprise, there is something new since I last returned something.  Since I bought it on my Kohl's card, the clerk was able to scan my Kohl's charge card and than scan the tag on the outfit - it came right up and I was credited the full amount :-)  Isn't that awesome?  Kohl's  is the one card I use because you get such awesome savings when you use it on top of the coupons a lot of times (than we pay it off!) and now I know i have the ease of doing returns with a receipt if I misplace it.  Add to that the fantastic deals you can get there and it is my favorite place to shop.  I picked up a few things today and actually saved $10.00 more than I spent due to the sales. 

Just thought I would pass this on :-)

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