Friday, November 19, 2010

Great Learning Tools

We are in the middle of a two week lesson schedule about Thanksgiving!  We are having fun singing songs, reading stories and learning here and there.   Today I wanted to share with you some neat things I've come across and that my kids enjoys.

A favorite DVD in our house right now is one of the Praise Baby DVD's. 
Another friend had mentioned to me how much his twins enjoy the Praise Baby collection.  I kinda brushed it aside but when I saw it on sale for $5.00 at Family Christian Store awhile ago, I picked one up.  I wish I had listened to him and bought it when Josh was first born.  I love it and the kids love.  The kids love the colorful pictures of other babies and animals that come up on the TV; I love the music.  I put it in one day and Josh sat in the recliner, kicked back, enjoying the DVD.  Than he got up and played while listening to the music.  I will be getting more of these as soon as I can - I don't really like having the TV on a lot during the day but these DVD's are my exception.  The boys seem to be more relaxed when it is playing.  Check out the entire collection here

This is one of the books we are using for our Thanksgiving lessons.
I found this book also at the Family Christian Store when I stopped in one day to check out their latest sales.  Here's a review of the book that I agree with 100%!

Counting our blessings is what Dr. Mary Manz Simon's My Basket of Blessings (and many reasons to thank God) is all about. This book is die cut to look like a basket, and each page has die cut images of items in the basket, giving a fun layered look. Adding to the attractive appearance are many sparkly images.

The text is well written rhyme and explains how the items in the basket remind us of God. For example, the juicy apples "will never match the sweetness of God's love for me" and the kitten "reminds me of God's caring and of his gentle touch." There's also a scarecrow to remind that God made us, a pumpkin pie, with it's wafting scent, to remind us God's gifts are everywhere, a squirrel whose "chatter now reminds me to share God's love with you," and a teddy bear, who reminds us bears sleep in deep caves and that God is with us day and night. The book ends:

"My basket overflows now the blessings from above.
These precious gifts around me remind me of God's love!"

Josh loves the cutouts and the texture of the pictures (they feel like sandpaper a little).  He loves to flip through the pages and see the great illustrations - I am so glad I bought this book!
This would be a great book to pick up and add to your bookshelf for your children or in your classroom

For all of you Christian School Teachers, Sunday School Teachers and Mom's who like to teach - here are two great scripture memory sites:
1) hubbardscupboard puts verses to "tunes" to make them easy to learn by singing them to some well known children's songs as well as Bible Verse Copy work, Strips, and Coloring sheets. 

2) childrenschapel has lots of coloring sheets to go with the verses on their site.

One of my favorite sites, Oopsey Daisy, has posted her "T is for Thanksgiving"  packet.  Check it out, download it, print it and use it!  She is considering adding a fee for $0.99 which I think is totally reasonable.  She puts a ton of works into these packets.  How do I know? Because I started trying to pull my own stuff together so I didn't feel bad for using hers without the work.  I can spend hours and hours each week searching for the best ideas.  It is great to have it done for you - and that small cost is really just a thank you for her hard work.  With that said, though, the Packets she has already done will remain free so check them out!

One last thing - our video this week is "You Are Special" based on the book by Max Lucado. 
I had forgotten on plainly simple it is in teaching kids that they are created special and that nothing else anyone says really matters - only what our creator says matters.  Isn't that a great reminder for adults too?  The more time we spend with God, the less what others say and do matter.  Josh enjoyed it the video today . . I must confess though, those wooden people are a little freaky looking ;-) 

Right now, though, he is engrossed in the Praise Baby DVD - he smiles and laughs with it; and the music is so relaxing - seriously, you need to get one of these!!

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