Monday, November 15, 2010

Birthday Shirts

Here's an easy shirt to create for any upcoming birthday!

Supplies:  One plain t-shirt (or onesie) of your choice; fabric, a stencil of the number and heat bond.
Pin the stencil to the fabric and cut.  To make my stencil - I choose a block style font and blew it up as big as I could, than printed it.  It worked perfectly.

Than, iron the fabric to the heat bond.  I cut out a square slightly larger than the number and ironed it on first which made it easier to cut out. 

Iron the number onto the Shirt.

I than used a zig-zag stitch to secure and take care of any rough edges.  I will say, sewing a two is not the easiest number!  Lots of twists ans turns but it worked well!

This was so much less expensive than buying a birthday shirt - the T-shirt only cost $3.50 and, if you have scrap fabric and heat bond, that would be the full cost.  Otherwise, those two items might cost you another couple of dollars. 

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