Saturday, November 6, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 27

Day 27 - Pets
I love my pets :-)  We have three!

 First, There is Misty.  She is about 15 years old and is "my" cat.  There is a story behind her!  My brother and his family were getting ready to leave for Brazil as missionaries when I got a call from my sweet niece, who was very upset.  They had to get rid of their cats and she asked if I would take one of her favorite kittens.  How could I say no??  In this picture she is posing with the fake cat - I thought it was cute :-) (She is the black cat in case you couldn't tell hahaha)
 Than there is China.  She is one of our rescue animals.  After we bought our house we knew we really wanted a dog so we would go to PetSmart almost every Saturday to see the dogs.  When we saw her, we knew she was ours.  She is now about 9 years old and is a couch potato/scardy cat.  She is actually hiding behind the chair during a storm.  The poor thing.
Strat is our second rescue.  She never ever has her eyes open in pictures and she always has a drippy eye, which is pretty common in white cats, I guess.  Strat is actually our garage cat - she enjoys life to the fullest getting to roam in our fenced in yard.  We didn't plan to have a garage cat, we got her to be a house cat but sometimes, with rescues, you don't know their previous life and they have habits you can't break.  So, to keep us all happy, we've made her a very nice home in the garage and, don't worry, in the dead of winter, we also have a backup home in our basement.  I still love her though - she is a snuggler :-)

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