Friday, October 22, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Nurseries and Kids Rooms

This week, over at Kelly's Korner it is Show Us Your Life Friday!  Today we are looking at the Nurseries and Kid's Rooms. 

So here we go!  I hope you enjoy this little tour :-)   We will start with Nate's room.  Before Nate was born, this was our office. 

This is the view from the door.  The crib and dresser/changing table were actually free through a blessing day at my parents church.  They have been such a blessing!  I love the color on the walls - it is called Stadium Tan :-)

This is his closet.  Nothing fancy.  Oh and a little picture storage for me until I can get caught up!

This shelve holds Nate's special stuffed animals plus a framed prayer our Pastor's wife gave us at his shower. 

I love this Creative Memories Frame.  It is a great way to display pictures.  I'm not as good as I would like to be at keeping it up but I'm getting better!!

And his certificate from his baby dedication.  We like having it on the wall as a reminder of how important each day is with Nathan.
 Josh's room is next!  This was our spare room prior to Josh.  We had painted it just a few years prior and I still loved what we had done so that was one less step we had to do!
This is the view from the door.  The crib my mother-in-law got for us at a Church sale and it is just awesome.  His dresser we got on clearance at a furniture store and that changing table is actually a breakfast rolling cart that we bought when we got married.  It has been many, many things over the years but for now, makes the perfect changing room.  You may have noticed a fan in every bedroom too :-)  We like white noise!

Josh's closet - nothing fancy again but it does make a great place to keep our "tearable" books away from little hands :-) And Storage for the vacuum cleaner - when you live in a house without a lot of closets, you use the ones you have for many things!

A few favorites - the stripes on the walls!  I love stripes :-)  He also has a memory board with pictures and his Detroit Tigers Hat.  And don't you love that desk? My niece found it at a garage sale for $20.00.  He loves it!

I loved this Vinyl saying when I saw it.  It fits perfectly!

A few of his favorite things - a quilt that his grandma made him, Teddy, Gor (Gorilla), Road Kill (the Teddy Blanket).  I love his bedding.  I searched and searched until I found this set!

His dresser with his special stuffed animals and his Dedication certificate hung up behind it.
So, that's it! 

Have a wonderful day :-)

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Great boys rooms!! Love them