Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hand print Spiders

I saw this posted at Oopsey Daisy and just loved it.  We made them today! 

You will need:
Orange scrapbook paper
Patterned Scrapbook paper
Black paint
Wiggly Eyes

First, I painted Nate's hand and helped him make a print.  I reapplied paint and had him make a second print.  Than I used the black to fill in the body a little more.

I did it again with Josh's hand.  Now, understand, Josh HATES things on his hands so trying to get him to let me paint his whole hand was kinda funny.

Cut out the hand prints and adhere them to the patterned paper.  Attach the eyes and don't forget the name and date!
Aren't these cute????  I plan on making these every year until the boys are too big - which will be when they move out because they will always need to do what I say :-) hehehehe  I just think it will be fun to watch the size of their hands grow! 

The link above gives even more detail and more pictures so feel free to check it out ! (Trying to keep the painted hands off of me took precedence over getting pictures!)

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Carrie said...

I bet you've heard of this, but the handprint thing made me think of it. We made homemade ornaments a couple of years ago for the grandparents for Christmas. I bought clear (or you can buy frosted) ornaments. I got them at Hobby Lobby for about $3 for a dozen.
Paint the child's hand with white paint. Gently place the child's hand up from the bottom of the ornament so that their fingers point up from the bottom, the palm of the hand being on the bottom of the ornament. Let them dry and then you use colors of paint to add details to make each finger into a snowman. I added a different colored scarf to each one and use black to make a top hat and eyes ad buttons. These turn our ADORABLE and look very nicely done. I also wrote the child's name and year around the top part of the ornament where the hanger is.
I hope that makes sense. Maybe I can find a pic online.
Here's one. Mine weren't exactly like this, but these look cute on a color also!