Monday, October 18, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 8

Day 8 - A place you've traveled too

Let's see . . .I have a few to chose from so I'm trying to pick my favorite and I can still only narrow it down to two!!

First, Gatlinburg Tennessee.  We LOVE going to "our" cabin on the mountain and just getting away.
The view off the deck of "our" cabin - we've stayed here twice and just love it.

Just out for a drive in the mountains!

A Drive in the Mountains
Two, Las Vegas!!!  We love just about everything about Vegas - the sights, sounds, good food, - everything!
Our hotel the last time we visited and we always rent a convertible to enjoy the clear blue sky and wonderful views!

We also head to the border - the Hoover Dam!  It is pretty amazing to see!

The Wynn - one of the incredible Hotels!

And another :-) (Look at that sky and the palm trees!)
We've been to a few other places like Vermont, the Bahamas, Canada, Brazil.  Plus we like to take weekends away when we can (which are few and far between now with kids!)  And yes, we have our list of places we'd still like to go!!

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Leslie said...

Loveeeee Gatlinburg. It's just so beautiful. Especially in the fall.