Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Labor Day "Laborings"

(Updated 09/6/10)

What are your plans for this upcoming Labor Day Weekend?  It always seems like Labor Day weekend is the last big push to get everything done outside that we can before fall sets in.  It is even more the case this year since we actually get (are you ready!!) a TWO day weekend!!  Yes, you read that right.  I know, you are thinking . .. but you should have three or even four days but Darryl will work Friday and Saturday giving us a full two days off!  Since January, he has worked two jobs, 6 days=80 hours a week so we haven't had a lot of time to do things around here.  We enjoy these "long" holiday weekends immensely!  Needless to say, I've been working on "our" to do list for about a month!  It keeps changing though so I finally had to nail it down this week so we could plan our supplies.  We will be working and playing - doing some projects around the house and taking some time out for family time as well.  So here's our list:

My husband will be:
1) Painting the outside of our garage - this is a project that we started LAST Labor day - but after labor day it rained every weekend and than got too cold to paint so there were two sides left undone.  This WILL be done this weekend . . .if it doesn't rain!  Completed 09/5/10
2) Re-hanging our front storm door - one of the terrible summer storms we had ripped our door off the house; it has remained in the garage all summer but has to get put up now that fall is coming so I can actually open the door and get a breeze! Completed 09/06/10
3) Pulling out two bushes - neither of us our outdoor people but I have made it my goal to do some minor landscaping over the next few years.  My project next summer is the bed near our main entrance - so to prep for spring, he is pulling out the two of the ugliest bushes I've ever seen.   On a side note - I got $25.00 worth of free bulbs from a flower company and I can't wait to plant them this fall!

I will be (or at least my goals are)
1) Finishing this years landscaping project - I started on the flower bed by our garage area and have been laying pavers ALL SUMMER LONG or so it seems!  I only have a a small section to finish plus some more major weeding.  I really need to lay some mulch down but that might have to wait for a few weeks Didn't even touch this - not enough good weather this weekend.
2) Finishing the inside organization of my garage - This started about a month ago while doing my garage sale.  So I need to get the last of the stuff to Good Will and Once upon a Child or on ebay; get rid of the trash that is left in there from our bathroom "re-do", and just make sure everything is picked up and organized so we can park in there again This is half done - everything from the garage sale was either taken to Good Will or moved to the basement.  The garbage is still in there though - that's up to my husband.
3) Vacuuming my living room - Don't get me wrong, I vacuum 3-4 times a week at least but it's just the "middles".  I can't move furniture while I vacuum because I have two little ones that are literally directly under my feet wanting to be part of what I'm doing.  So I will be taking time to move everything in my living room and vacuuming from baseboard to baseboard :-) (While my husband entertains the littles!)
4) Finish Deep Cleaning my Kitchen for the week - each week I deep clean one room (it isn't as bad as it sounds) but because of the heat this week and the fact that my kitchen is not Air Conditioned, I have not gotten through my list.  It is supposed to be very cool this weekend so this task will be easy and should be done in about 45 minutes tops! Completed 09/05/10

If we can get that all done it will be amazing!  There are only so many hours in a day :-)  Plus we plan on spending some family time out - not sure if we will go to Lake Michigan for the day or just to a local park but what ever we do we will have fun!

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