Wednesday, September 1, 2010

31 in 31 - Day 22

Ironically after having so much trouble yesterday getting a photo - I got one first thing this morning!  Josh goes into the kitchen with me when it is time to refill his drink cup.  It's something "special" since the gate blocks the kitchen from normal access.  Today, he walked to our door, pointed outside and told me in his own little language that he wanted to go outside, than he walked over and pointed at his shoes.  So, we gathered up Nate and went outside despite the hot, sticky weather (at least it was cloudy and there was a breeze!).  Than, as is the norm, we had to drag all of his toys outside (his outside toys that live in the garage) but today, we weren't done until we pulled the wagon out.  He than pointed at Nate, and started climbing in ready to go for a wagon ride.

So, off we went :-)  They enjoyed it soooo much!

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