Wednesday, August 25, 2010

31 in 31 - Day 14

I spend some time on Tuesday re-sorting the toys. This is something I try to do once a month.  Why? This allows me to check for any dead batteries, broken toys, and to match up pieces to the correct toy.  Personally, if a toy has batteries, they need to work or it is a wasted toy. I don't mind the noise - it tells me my children are enjoying themselves.  I do have a bag that I keep "dead toys" that need batteries and keep a list of what batteries I need so, when the budget allows, I can pick up a pack and put the toys back into circulation.  Josh is learning to put toys back in the "right" bins so I am also starting to work on labels for the bins as well but really, I don't care what bin toys go in, as long as they all get picked up before bath time :-) So my picture shows my organization and yes, it makes me happy!!

And for the record, it does actually bother me that all the bins don't match but I used what I already owned to save money. 

I did actually take this picture yesterday, on day "14" but never had a chance to post it due to company coming over. 

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