Monday, June 1, 2020

Recap of May Goals

May was a good month HA!  We stayed home and tried to accomplish a few things! 

I do have some goals for May!

1) Scrapbooking.  I'm going to continue on with my goals in April.  1) I'd like to continue to order photos - I'm currently working through 2016 and 2019.  I'd like to get 2-3 more months order for each year 2) I'd like to continue to make time to scrapbook a few weekends this month.  3) Wrap up the projects I got stuff for last month - a couple of albums that need to be filled and to continue on with 2010 going into an album.  I ordered photos for 2016 an 2019 - both through July; I also realized that I had never done 2011 so I ordered January for both 2011 and 2020.  I took time to scrapbook and I wrapped up those few projects!  

2) Reading - My goal this month, as the weather allows, is to spend at least 30 minutes outside a day reading.  Soaking up the sunshine is good for the soul and being outside really works wonders on keeping me sane HA! I've gotten into a couple great series of books (I had book 1 in each series) and have order the rest of the books so I'm looking forward to reading.   I have enjoyed reading outside!  I finished a couple of books :-)  

3) Cleaning - To continue to follow the flylady plan. As I write this, I'm supposed to working in the kitchen but school has really taken up a lot of time so I am "behind".  The goal will be to spend time in all areas of the home throughout the month. Flylady has served me well most of the month.  

4) Family Time - We enjoy being together.  We have enjoyed going for drives on the weekend the past few weekends so it's mostly just spending time together.  We have found our new "fun" thing is we usually treat ourselves to one meal "out" each week - we all pick what fast food we want, drive through those places and then find a place to park and eat in the car.  It's all about building memories! 

5) Another main goal this month is my niece's graduation book - I want to get the basic layout done by mid-month so I know I have photos for each page and also get as much scrapbooked as I can based on the letters I've received. If my family would get me their letters I could get this done HA!  

6) Darryl's list - I can tell you that he has a honey do list a mile long and it just keeps getting longer plus he has added teaching Math to both boys and sometimes Social Studies - especially working on their projects with them.  This has helped me out a lot as I work with the other two kids. Darryl has marked a lot of his list including school!  He fixed our screen door for the slider plus he is working on getting my mom's camper ready to sell to name just a few things. 

7) Homeschool - My goal is to be done with all lessons by May 31st.  We might still have a couple products to finish up the first week of June but if we can have everything else done I will be happy! We finished a whole week early!! 

8) My MISC list - 1) Clean out my truck  (My MISC list is pretty small right now!) 2) The Garage!  This is also on Darryl's list.  We want to get the garage as organized as possible including getting rid of lots of things by donating them to a group that does a garage sale to benefit the teen center in town.  Ultimately, we are hoping to get our garage door fixed sometime in the next few months too.1) The vehicles got cleaned out 2) The garage got organized (as much as it can at this point)

9) The basement - 1) Pick up two new shelving units for the basement. 2) Once those are purchased I will start to organize what I have in bins downstairs so that I can clean stuff out easier.  3) Move the things out of the basement for the garage sale "people".  (That will open up some space too!) This is one area that didn't get any love this month.  

10) Music - My main goal right now is to just keep the boys moving on piano Done - they are still plugging along! 

11) Co-Op - I'm also working on my lessons for homeschool co-op.  I'm hoping to get 1-2 complete lessons done for each class.  This means having my "teacher copy" put together and everything else ready to make copies once I know how many students (I'm going on faith we will have classes this fall) Didn't do any of this - need to start this in June

12) Photography (this is new on the list this month!)  One of my goals this year was to take a photography class but, right now, I'm not sure I'll be doing that.  I just bought a new lens I've wanted for a long time with some birthday money so I want to research how to use that lens better and I also know that there are some great classes being offered on line too.  It made it on my to do list almost every day but did not get done

13) Spiritual Goals - (this is new on the list this month) This was also on my list for the year.  1) I need to get my Bible Study book out where I can see it every day!  2) I would like to start it :-) Done :-) 

14) Dates with Darryl :-)  I'm not sure how to write this goal - but while he is off work, we enjoy sitting on my swing in the afternoons, drinking a coffee together.  So, we want to do that while we still can (while he is off work).  We have enjoyed sitting out on the swing on cooler evenings :-) 

15) The Yard (this is new this month)  It's the time of year to think about the yard.  1) I have a planter box on my deck that needs flowers.  2) I want to plant sunflower seeds this year FOR REAL! 3) Clean out the weeds in the sand box and maybe even fill it with sand again.  Nate says he's too old but I think if there was sand in, the kids would all play in it.  That's about it :-)  As much as I love beautiful flowers and such - I hate yard work so I keep it super simple!  (I think I need to get the kids to help me plant the sunflowers - which they will, I'm sure HA!) 1) The planter box is planted!  2) The sunflower seeds will go in the ground this weekend 3) I did not get sand.  BUT we did put up a little fence to keep the dog from getting so close to the neighbors dog through their fence. 

My "word" for the year is Perfect Peace and, has weird as it sounds, I feel like our family has found some peace during these times.  I think it is because we stopped.  For the first 4-5 weeks we did nothing - we didn't eat out, go anywhere, do anything.  We just stopped, stayed home, and enjoyed being together.  We have now gotten take out as a "treat" a few times and gone for some drives - all of which we all enjoy very much.  Even though the cause of this "stoppage" isn't a good thing - it has brought about some rest that I think we needed.  Yes, we miss things and people but sometimes, we also need to rest.  

So, there ya have it folks.  Since Darryl went off work, my schedule kind of got tossed about (Yes, Kel, my schedule, I'm just like you HA) but I'm working on getting back on track to get more things done during the day so I can enjoy scrapbooking all weekend and doing things as a family.  

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