Saturday, June 6, 2020

2020 Weekly Photos #21

Welcome to another week!!

Saturday - Darryl spend the day with his dad who wanted to just drive around the city and check out some of his old stomping grounds.  The boys and I hung out at home and I worked on organizing some photos.  It was a really great day.

Sunday - Another great day!  We had lunch at my mom's where we also mowed part of her lawn for her that hadn't been mowed yet.  She treated us to DQ Blizzards.

Monday - This is the last week of school for our friends :-)  Darryl and I also cleaned out my mom's camper.

Tuesday - The boys wrapped up school over a week ago so I figured it was time to take their year end photos.

The cat finished school too - ok, maybe not . .he's just super handsome! 

Wednesday - Today we said good bye to my mom's camper as we finished getting it ready to sell! The boys also had their Sunday School Zoom class.

Thursday - The kids are enjoying "free days" right now.  After dinner, we went for a drive to get out of the house!  We stopped at Moo-Ville, our local ice cream shop, for a treat before heading to the State Campground.  We just drove around but it was just nice to leave our four walls for a bit.
Darryl dared the boys to stand outside while we were at the campground and see how many mosquitoes landed on them HA! 

Friday - Today was National Donut Day!!  That's always fun! 

 I surprised everyone by sneaking out and driving to a fabulous bakery in the next town over.  These were the Donut of the Day -- Glazed Blueberry and Lemon Iced Blueberry.  They were amazing.  I think when my brother Kel comes to visit next time we will have to visit this bakery!!!!  

This was kind of my week "off" - I didn't make a to do list each day and I enjoyed reading when we weren't cleaning the camper HA!  Next week, while the kids have a "vacation" week before we get back to a little summer structure, I'll clean and organize :-) 

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