Wednesday, April 1, 2020

March Goal Recap

Here's a recap of my March goals!  

1) Spring is arriving so this month I want to make sure we take time to visit one of the amazing places in Grand Rapids to take a photo.  Darryl is my key to making this happen because he knows where everything is!  I know we will be downtown two different times this month so we just have to make it happen. Well, as we all know a virus changed all kinds of plans.  So, there was very little chance for photos but we did manage one when we went out to eat at Wolfgangs downtown Grand Rapids! 

2) Scrapbooking - This months goals are as follows: 1) Upload all March photos through 2020 2) Find time to scrapbook - I'm not putting a time on this or even how far I want to get through photos; just that I want to find time to scrapbook this month.  There are no crops scheduled this month so I'm on my own  3) I would like to order photos/photo pages for the previous month.  So, basically order all February photos that I don't currently have on hand. You would think that being stuck at home would have allowed me time to do this but it didn't!  

3) Reading - I have my same goal as the last couple of months.  I'm in the middle (ok the beginning) of two books so I want to finish both of those. I did manage to get a little reading in - I finished one book and am about 1/2 way through another. 

4) Cleaning - I am trying to keep to my "20 days of cleaning" schedule but I don't always have 20 specific days to set aside during the school year so I'll set up my schedule based on the days I know I have the time to put into it (I usually set my 3:00-4:00 hour for cleaning) Done!  This is the one thing I DID have lots of time to do!  

5) Family time - Some things on my radar this month 1) Going out to breakfast at a favorite place downtown GR 2) Going to a Hockey game 3) Celebrating St. Patrick's Day 4) Celebrate Darryl's birthday with just him and I (I have the plans - just need to find the day!) 5) We have a few field trips as well as a trip to the symphony planned 6) We also have a little get away planned with my mom.  I guess that means we have a lot planned! So, we did #1 - we went out to breakfast; #3 - we did Celebrate St. Patrick's Day . . everything else got canceled this month! 

6) It is time to start thinking about the graduation album I have to make.  My goal for March is to gather and print all of the photos I want for the book. This one will move to the forefront in April! 

7) This is what I cause my "Darryl list" - The list includes 1) Replace the light over the sink 2) Run Ethernet cords for the Xbox's 3) Hook up our new antenna and see if we want to cancel cable to save money 4) Help Josh set up two of his gifts - his telescope and VR headset (He's better at figuring out all that kind of techy stuff) 5) Hang up shelves for Nate's broken wood boards from TKD So, #1 is done; #2 is 1/2 done (we had to get a longer cord for one of the boxes); #3 we did and then returned the antenna since it didn't work  . .. and that's it! 

8) Homeschool - My goal for March is to end the month on or ahead of schedule.  I'd like the boys to master their 4's-6's in multiplication facts as well.  They also need to be current in AWANA as we end the month as well. So, we have had our scheduled messed with due to having my extra kids here while school is closed for them.  We are doing 1/2 days on school so while we are pushing hard, we probably will end the month a few lessons behind.  They are staying current in AWANA even though we aren't meeting right now too. 

9) Here's my misc. list:  1) Clean up and put away a bin in the bathroom that just needs, well, put away 2) Get new dress pants for Josh (again HA!) 3) Clean out the boys clothes - both winter and summer and see what they need for summer 4) See what both Darryl and I need for summer as well (as far as clothes) 5) Sort my music - I need to organize it all, clean out what I've held on to for years and never looked at and make it all easier to use 5) Nate got a wall hanging birthday calendar that I need to finish up for him (the writing of the names and dates!) #1 is done; #5 is done; and the second #5 is also done!  I guess in April I really do have to focus on cleaning out closets so I know who needs what  . .. right now PJ's are pretty common in this house HA! 

10) Set up at least one camping date this summer I've held off on this until we see how long this "stay at home" order is going to last. 

11) The basement - the goal this month is just to clean up and organize the laundry room area The laundry room is done as is the "playroom" area and I even worked on the main storage area some too.  

12) The garage - get the garage door fixed - that's the main goal. This got put on hold for now. 

13) Finances - Work on putting my small savings goals into action.  Plan out our weekly "money" plan and stick to it. We are saving money because we are going NO WHERE!!! 

14) Music - Learn my song for church this month; practice one piano song this month Since we aren't having church, there is nothing to practice for but in cleaning out my music I found some great pieces of music to practice! 

15) Take my dog for his yearly vet visit!  It's hard to believe that we adopted him a year ago this month! This is done!!! 

I feel like my month got put on hold (which it did) but yet I was able to focus on some key things (like cleaning) and get those marked off my list! 

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