Saturday, March 28, 2020

2020 Weekly Photos #13

This week we went form just being home to "shelter in place" which basically shut down a lot of things and "requires" that people stay home as much as possible.  It doesn't change much for the boys and I as we are home anyway but this pandemic continues to cancel our plans.  Darryl continues to work - you can't drive a Taxi from home and his job is considered "essential" since it provides transportation.  I tried to take some photos of things we were doing this week :-)

Saturday - This was my big shopping day.  When are truly grocery shopping once for the next 7 days, it takes awhile.  BUT I did it, and we had food all week long.  Saturday evening we had dinner at my moms - the last time for awhile since we are practicing "safe distancing" due to the virus.

Sunday - What did we do?  We stayed home.  We watched/listen to church and then just hung out at home as a family and played games.  We taught the boys how to play Dutch Blitz!

Monday - We woke up to SNOW!  Not just a little either!  So, we had a snow day!

 The kids played outside for awhile in the morning knowing that the snow would all melt by afternoon (which it did!) 

 Normally I make the kids go outside for at least 30 minutes in the afternoon but since they had played for hours in the morning AND by afternoon the yard was muddy, we did kids yoga instead.  

Tuesday - It was a quiet day.  We did school and the kids played outside in the afternoon for a while. 

Wednesday - This is when our days start to look the same.  We did school in the morning and they played in the afternoon. 
 There was a lot of fort building this week. 

Thursday - School, play time, riding bikes and . .. I went grocery shopping.  No, it hadn't technially been a week but, I decided I wanted to try and go at about 6:30 to see what it was like and it was wonderful.  The store was pretty empty but the shelves were well stocked.  So now I'm done until the end of next week. 

Friday - Yeah!  We made it through week 2 of staying home.  We did do school today since we took Monday off.  The kids built another fort and then headed outside.  Nate and his friend ended up staying outside from about 2;30-4:00.  I loved looking out the window, seeing them sitting on my swing and in the yard just talking away.   

It is also Dash's birthday!  It turned 7 today.  

Happy Birthday Dash!!!!  We are so glad you are ours! 

That was our week.  Maybe next week I should make the kids pose for pictures every day HA! 

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