Saturday, March 21, 2020

2020 Weekly Photos #12

What a difference a week makes.  We are "restricted" to being at home due to the current health scares.  Amazing, I took more photos this week then I have in weeks! 

Here's what a week at home looks like:

Saturday - We were all home together and just hung out and then went to my mom's for dinner.

Sunday - We stayed home and watched church online - a good friend of ours who pastors a church in the Upper Peninsula. 
Monday - This was a huge day.  Both boys got their braces off! 

Tuesday - Our friends are with us all day right now so there is lots going on.  We are continuing to do school for at least a few hours a day while trying to balance keeping things enjoyable for everyone.  We actually have about 3 hours a day that are "no electronics" hours and it has gone so very well!
 There have been many games of monopoly started this week. 
 There is a requirement of 30 minutes outside every day (as long as the weather is nice).  Dash is loving it because he gets to go on a walk every day. 
Nate's crazy hair!
 It was also St. Patrick's Day.  We did as much of our normal stuff as we could - the Leprechaun left gold "coins", used the bathroom (green toilet water!) and the boys had fun shirts too.  Plus we had our normal dinner of Stuffed Cabbage, Crash Potatoes and Rainbow Jell-O. 

Wednesday - Another day of school and play. 
30 minutes of time outsie. 
Plus building with Straws and Connectors. 

Thursday - and it's the same routine again :-) 
The cat is wondering why we are always home HA!  He was perched on top of the corner of the bunk bed looking out of his "kingdom". 

Friday - More games and activities. 

 Our homeschool Co-op hosted a Lego building event today.  The kids build their own Lego creations and then we posted a photo on our co-op page.  It was fun to connect with our friends. 
 Josh's creation
 Nate and Cooper made a creation together. 
There is also a whole lot of this going on in this house - Maddan Football on the X-box, and yes, Darryl plays when he is home from work too. 

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