Sunday, September 9, 2018

Decluttering Fun

I have some great friends who enjoying creating facebook groups for cleaning goals!  We do various things throughout the year like the Frozen 15 in February (15 goals to accomplish in February).  Well, in September we are doing "Toss the Day".  Basically, we are supposed to toss the same number of things as the date so on September 1st, you toss 1, September 2nd, 2 things and so on.  I thought I would share my progress in photos :-)

Now, in all honesty, with the first week of school happening this week I really didn't have the time to actually do this throughout the week so instead, yesterday I took an hour and did one specific thing for each of the first 8 days of the month. 

 Day 1 - I cleaned out the boys winter things so I would know what they needed.  (Obviously it was more than one item HA!) 
 Day 2 - I cleaned out my underthings drawer.  There was some trash in there (it's amazing what ends up in drawers!) and a slip (I have others but this one was like 25 years old HA) I believe there was 4 things in this pile.
 Day 3 - Some scentsy bars that I did not like the smells of, a pair of trouser socks with holes in them and a piece of trash.  Four items all together. 
 Day 4 - One of my dresser drawers.  I cleaned out 3 shirts that I haven't worn all summer and a really old pair of PJ's that I haven't worn in forever.
 Day 5 - My other dresser drawer - I cleaned out several pairs of pants and a handful of shirts I haven't worn in over a year. 
 Day 6 - The stand by our bed - Two almost used up rolls of wrapping paper, two out-grown swim suits, and two worn out pillowcases. (so yes, 6 items!) 
 Day 7 - This is all from a bag that was hanging in the bathroom.  Some magazines, trash, three scentsy bars that I didn't like and a bag of flylady purple rags that, quite honestly, I'll never use.  (My mom didn't use them either so she passed them on to me HA!) 
Day 8 - One shelf in the bathroom - We painted our living room a year and a half ago and those are all paint samples that we used to pick our paint.  Plus some old medicinal supplies, two well worn body scrubbers and some used up makeup.  Lots more than 8 items!

I decided to use this months challenge to clean out drawers and cupboard shelves one at a time.  If I don't find enough items for the day, I'll move on to the next shelf until I have enough (or more).  This next week, I'll continue cleaning out the bathroom cupboards until they are done and move on from there!

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