Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Overwhelmed = Flylady

A few weeks ago I looked around and felt so overwhelmed so do you know what I did?  I released myself from the whole concept of "Minamalism".  For real.  Holy cow was that freeing! 

So here are a few simple truths:
1)  I don't like cleaning but I enjoy a clean house. 
2) I don't really enjoy clutter but there are four people who live in a small house who have stuff so guess what, they/it takes up space
3) It's ok to keep stuff you love and enjoy
4) Flylady is my best friend so I just need to embrace her and stick to the plan. 

I somehow started to think that minamalizing was the only way to get control and for me that was the opposite.  Instead I felt tied to this need to clean out every drawer and cupboard even though I've done it before.  Instead, I need to focus on clutter and cleaning - Flylady 101.  

I've gone back to my "roots" and pulled out my old Flylady plans and tips.  Following her weekly cleaning plans (which start with delcluttering in the weekly zone before every cleaning), and doing my morning and evening routine.  The clean sink never happens but, that's ok.  :-) 

On that note, I'm off to reboot the laundry for the day, after all, a load a day, keeps the laundy bin . .empty (Ok that doesn't rhyme HA!) 

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