Saturday, February 7, 2015

Family Fun - Superbowl, Snow, and Playdough

We enjoyed a great superbowl Sunday last week.  Not only was it the culmination of our favorite sport, we also had a fabulous snow storm and got dumped on!

 This is our Superbowl Spread!  Lots of fun snacks.  Someday, this will all get eaten . . . but for now, we ate it all week long HA!

 My "super" boys!  Yes, Josh is shirtless on a cold, snowy day.  Darryl cranked the heat and Josh got very hot HA! 
On Monday the boys finally got to play in some measurable snow!  Josh was "stuck" in the snow.

 This is a photo of Nate jumping into the snow.  We ended up getting a total of about 14 inches of snow so there was plenty to play in!
One of the things the boys - and especially Nate - have always enjoyed is playdough.  Nate gets it out almost every day and can play for hours.

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