Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014 goals

So, I decided to take a little different turn with my goals for the year.  I'm going to follow my theme word . . .
Instead of creating this laundry list of things under individual topics, I did a brainstorming session and made a list of things I want to work on, accomplish or complete this year.  This is what I've come up with  (and I've offered some explanation along the way)  -
1) Master 12 piano songs - playing the piano has taken a back seat for a few years due to the kids.  BUT, they are finally old enough that I can get back to playing.  I have gone through some books I have and picked out 12 (plus more) songs I want to conquer this year.  To be honest, quite a few of them are songs I learned a long time ago when I took lessons and I want to refresh but there are some new ones as well.
2) Read 24 Books
3) Do Daily Bible study (following Good Morning Girls)
4) Do a Scripture Memory Plan - I need to find one.  .. I'd love to find one of those "daily bread" boxes to put in the kitchen window but haven't found one I love yet.
5) Use a "word a day calendar
6) Redo The Living Room - We've lived in this house for 10 years.  We did the living room when we moved in and I'm so tired of it.  I'm hoping to paint this year and get new furniture.  Plus change the decor.
7) Scrapbook - Finish all projects and be current
8) Create my Birthday Plan for the family and put it into action this year
9) A Date a Month with the Hubs
10) Learn to cook some new things - not sure what yet but I'm thinking I might like to try my hand at making some homemade pasta and get more into baking bread.
11) Have game nights with the kids
12) Have movie nights with the kids
13) Work on our Teeth (more to come on this - it will make you laugh)
14) The Kids Spiritual Well Being
15) Organize the Kitchen cupboards and make them more useful - my dad is redoing the cupboard doors for me so while the doors are off, I want to really work on making the insides useful.
16) Clean up the basement  (a once a year project)
17) Keep the kitchen neat and organized - working towards having counter tops free
18) Turn off the TV more and limit my own "screen" time
19) Learn to use my Cricut
20) Financial "order" - tracking, saving, making money ;-)
21) Landscape outside (my kind of landscaping which is super easy!)
22) Have dates with the kids once a month AND have one on one dates with individual kids too
23) Lose Weight (don't we say that every year??)
24) Me Time - One day out a month by myself; Find a new makeup source; budget for those days out to be able to shop for just a few things
25) Learn the soundtracks I have here to sing in church
26) Increase my photography skills - reading books, practicing and maybe doing some privet lessons
27) Plan a fun family vacation and a few good camping trips (that we will actually take this year!)
28) Homeschool - really focus on helping my kids learn; not just teaching worksheets
29) Establish a cleaning schedule that works including those once a month things that need to get done.
30) Working on caring about others - getting birthday cards out on time; looking for friends who have needs or are hurting and taking time to send them a card or even a small unexpected gift. (This is not a strong point of mine . . .I tend to get "busy" with life)

How's that for a brainstorm list?  I plan on taking this list and using it to make my monthly goals.  I've found, as I've talked about before, that setting goals monthly gives me a better idea of what I've accomplished.  I can take this brain storm list and turn it into some specific tasks each month.  With that in mind - I'll now be working on my January goals.  I usually like to have these already written by now but, quite honestly, I really enjoyed my December and set all of this stuff aside.  Now, I'm taking my time making these goals.  :-) 

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