Sunday, April 27, 2014

Things my Kids Say

*Sometimes if I don't write things down, I forget them and I almost missed this one!  This is Nate's version: of old familiar "verse":  Eeney, meeney, miney moe, Catch a find a pat a toe.  hahahahahaha

* So this is more of a story.  Obviously, Easter was last Sunday.  On Wednesday, I took the boys to get their hair cut and Kylie, our "cutter", asked Nate about Easter.  She asked him if the Easter Bunny brought him anything.  He kinda looked puzzled and said, "No, the Eater Bunny only hides eggs but the Leprechaun brought me gifts.".  Seriously.  I had to bite my lip to not laugh as he continued to explain how Leprechauns came to the house and left him presents on Easter.  He told us that on Sunday too but I just kinda let it slip by as an oversight but obviously the Leprechaun had a bigger impression on him than I realized.

* We've tried to teach the boys about things that are appropriate but I really thought it went over their head.  Well, the other night Josh made some comment about China (the dog) sniffing Nate's booty after the bathtub.  We all laughed so he said, "I'm going to say it again because everyone laughed", which he did and then he said, "Ok, I won't say it again because it is not 'pproriate." I guess he IS listening!!!

* The hairstylist also asked Nate if he got any candy and he said, "Yes, I got triangles and semi-circles."  She looked at me, puzzled so I told her  . .. .Hershey Kisses and Reeses Peanut Butter Egg Minis.  At least he knows his shapes.

*Nate has informed me that it is summer so therefore he only wears shorts and short sleeves;  Josh, on the other hand, only wears sweatpants and long sleeves.  Yes, they are really that opposite.  :-)

*Darryl took the boys to the store to pick out a cake for my birthday (which they actually got two . . .).  When they walked in the store Nate told his dad that he wanted to get a "Chocolate Fuzz" cake.  It took Darryl a few minutes to figure out he wanted a Chocolate fudge cake! 

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