Thursday, January 31, 2013

February Craft Goals

I've decided that at  the end of each month, I want to look back through the last 4 "Too Cute" posts and pick out the  things I feel that I can actually complete and post them here - at the end of the month I'll update my progress by linking back to the posts of the completed projects.

So these are the items I picked out:

I had good intentions to do this craft but when I priced a square canvas in the size I wanted plus the letters - well, I decided I didn't love it that much and did make this craft.

I want to make these to hang by our growth chart- they seem pretty easy and inexpensive.
 My St Patrick's Wreath fell apart last year so I think I'd like to just make this one and use it for any month I don't have one . . .or at least for March.
This was completed and I shared the post back in March :-) 
 This is more just something I want to read and implement as I feel fit.
I've read some of this and am still digesting it - the calendar shown is no longer available so I'm kinda waiting for a new version to come out to see if I can use this idea more. 
 I'd like to get that Vinyl saying printed to put on the fridge above where I hang the kids artwork.
This is ordered and up on my fridge - I get lots of comments on it :-) 
 I will not complete this idea this month but I want to start it - I want to add an alphabet to our classroom wall as we study our letters - I'd like to complete A, B, C, D, and E.  Then continue to do them as we study that letter.
Letters A-D are on the wall and E-G are spray painted waiting for their modge podge :-) 
 This one will depend on price - if those items are too munch money, I'll have to wait.
After reading the instructions and supplies on this one better I decided I didn't really want to make this!! So, cancel this idea :-) 
I'd like to attempt to make one of these for each of the boys "friends".  Then go from there.
My mom offered to make these but I just never got the pattern.  I'm thinking this one is not going to get done.
 Another simple project - just need to buy the pieces and let the boys play.
I nixed this one. I actually have an idea to do this OUTSIDE on our fence this summer. I'll save it for that instead.

 I NEED to do this under my sink - those tiles are so cheap - this shouldn't be hard.
I still NEED to do this - I just need to get to the home store and buy my tiles.  I promise to share as soon as I'm done!

Tool pouches - I'd like to get these made for the boys Easter Baskets.  I even have an old pair of jeans I saved "just in case" so I just need the ribbon.
Guess what I found at Target?? TOOL BELTS!  YES!  And they come with tools - I had planned to get them at Easter but they were sold out - I'll check the next time I'm there and pick them up :-) 

First up is to make my supply list and then to get to town to pick up anything I need.  Now, I know I will not necessarily get everything done in February.  But by putting these on this post, I can carry them over so I don't forget about them :-)

Happy Crafting!

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