Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Let Children Be"

There are times in my Homeschooling adventure that I feel like I have to defend what I do.  One of those areas is when I choose to let my children play.  There have been days when the weather is fantastic and the boys go outside and play for hours; or the car rugs spread across the living room cars and they play for hours; or the blocks come out and they create houses and cars and castles.  I have personally felt that when those moments are happening I need to "let them be".  They are learning and they are only preschooler's.  Yes, I have goals to accomplish and lessons they need to learn but a huge part of a child's learning comes from doing. 

It felt . . .good . . .to read this post over at  The Better Mom about this exact topic - "Learning to Let Children Be". 

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Carrie said...

As a mom of an almost 11 year old and a 9 year old, with a 2 year old along, I will have to say that I will be doing a lot more of "letting her be" with the 2 year old! I cannot FATHOM that I made my son sit and do "school" stuff when he was JUST 3 and my daughter was 4 almost 5. Poor guy! It's a wonder he doesn't absolutely hate school! Now that our days are full of things we NEED to do, yes, I see that all those days spent sitting at the table learning weren't exactly wasted because we were spending time together, but they definitely could have included A LOT more playing! #3 will probably be at least 4 before I start doing anything, and closer to 5 before I REALLY start anything, and even then it's going to be LOTS OF FUN! :)