Saturday, September 14, 2013

We are ready for Football

In this house, we love Football.  Good, old fashioned NFL football.  Sure college ball is good but we really love the NFL more than anything else.  The season officially started last Thursday but no one really wants to have a football party on a Thursday night so our big kick off day is always the first Sunday of Football.  My husband and I both put together a Fantasy Team every year; usually my team is stacked and it is fabulous.  This year, not so much.  My team kinda stinks already.  I need to try and pick up some different players or my season is shot!!!

Who do we cheer for?  The Detroit Lions, of course!  You know the song . .. Stand By Your . . .TEAM!  They won Sunday - the first game at home - it may not have been pretty but it was a win.  I don't think any team has ever had more touchdowns taken away in one game and STILL managed to win.

This past Sunday was great - here are a few pictures to showcase our day.
 Yes, Pajama's I spent my day in some comfy PJ's - something I rarely do because I make my kids get dressed every day :-)  I did decide that I need some "Football" clothes - some comfy pants and a Detroit Lions Long Sleeved T-shirt . . ..
 My husband will love this photo HA!  A few weeks ago when I did some rearranging, I put the TV back in the boys room (don't judge - when you live in a shoe box, you make due with the space you have).  Before the game started, we re-ran the cable wire to get the extra TV set up so the boys could watch cartoons while we watched football.  The boys were big helps shining flashlights and pulling cords. 
 You may noticed the boys socks.  Those are their work socks :-)  Actually they are Darryl's black socks but they wore them all day.  They loved that they went over their knees and they may or may not have worn them outside as work boots while they fixed things with their tools.

In reality the boys did not watch TV at all, instead they played with the Game Cube for hours.  Josh is a video game junkie (only when we allow it, again, don't judge).  Their favorite is a race car game even if it is really kind of hard for them.  We are in the process of ordering a second controller for Nate to use as well as Mario Cart since it will be a little easier for the boys to use.  We have found that if we let them play on Sundays, we get to watch a lot more football.

Since it was Kick-off Sunday we had to have some good food!! Unlike years past, I chose long time favorites and did not over cook.  I also picked things that, for the most, I could make on Saturday - I wanted to do as little cooking as possible on Sunday.
This is our favorite cheese ball - I'll post the recipe within the next few weeks!
 Of course, we had to have the Amazing Fruit Dip - I posted this once but noticed that the link is wrong so I'll have to fix that!
 Our favorite deviled eggs -and they actually all turned out perfect!!!
 I've been making these Bacon Crescent Rolls for 20 years and they are always good!!
 These little Pigs-In-a- Blanket are a fun snack plus the kids love the little hot dogs.  (Another recipe to post!!)
This dessert earned rave reviews from my husband and I would have to agree.  I will post this recipe on Friday because you will want to make this one ASAP!

After munching throughout the afternoon, we had  Sloppy Joes for dinner with left over munchies and chips.  My husband said it was a fabulous food day and that is always good!

For the record, I don't cook like that every Sunday. Most Sundays we have a roast or some other dinner item that can cook through church so it is ready and then pizza or Sloppy Joes for dinner - again something that is either frozen and cooked or that I can make on Saturday.

We are looking forward to a great football season.  It is the first introduction to fall - my favorite season!

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The food looks great! Looking forward to you sharing those recipes!