Sunday, August 25, 2013

Things my Kids Say

Sometimes I wish I could have a video recording every single thing my kids say/do so that I wouldn't forget.  But I can't, so I really try to write things down that catch me as funny, cute, or just play "What"???

* Josh was sitting in the recliner playing with a new magnetic book he got for his birthday.  He told Nate to sit in the chair so he crawled up on the arm of Josh's chair.  Josh said, "No Nate, sit in your chair".  To which Nate replied, "No Josh, I need to watch you first".  It was just so cute :-)

Remember these posts?  This is one I actually started in November of 2012 and just found.  I need to do this again. 

* Nate has taken to calling my husband and I by our first names because the little boy I babysit for calls us Miss Jackie and Mr Darryl.  I have to giggle when I hear "Jaaaaccckkkiiieeee" being yelled through the house.
* The other day, Nate was sitting on the couch and I heard him say, "Ok mom".  So, of course, I said, "What"?  He replied, "No, I'm talking to my real mom, not you".  Seriously???  I'm not his mom?  HA!
* We picked up one of those Fisher Price Coupe Cars at a garage sale the other day for $2.00.  It has a funny wheel but the boys love it and refer to it as their "Sale Car".  It took me a few minutes to realize it was because we bought it at a garage sale.
* Recently Josh surprised me by making his own bed.  He called me to his room and said, "Look mom, I made it just like you".  For the record, he did a pretty good job.
*Nate cannot poop without me in the bathroom.  I hope this changes before he turns 18.  Geesh.  He grabs my hand and says, "Mom, lets go poop".  I need a chair in the bathroom.  And my book.
* I have boys.  They pee outside.  Now, if only I could keep them from going outside, naked, before bath time without me knowing it.  Uuugggg.

I'm sure I have more but I can't remember them at the moment.  I really will work on getting this weekly/bi-weekly post back up and running.  :-)

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