Monday, August 12, 2013

K-4 - Back on Track

After a week off of school because the boys were gone, we had a hard time getting back into the groove. .. well, I did.  Josh was ready!  I spent so much time cleaning, decluttering, and organizing last week that I forgot to do one thing, prep for this week!  On Monday, the boys just wanted to play anyway.  They moved toys to the play room (it was so cute!!) and set up their favorite places to play in the new room and then play outside before playing with more favorite toys inside.  Then, on Tuesday, Nate had a doctor's appointment in the "Big City".  The boys and I spent most of the day in town between the appointment, then lunch at Smash Burger (or Smashed Boogers as the boys called it HA) which lasted 1 1/2 hours.  For real.  Those boys are slow eaters.  From there we went to the Christian Book Store to drop off some used books and then, while the boys played with the train table, I went in search of some Bible curriculum.  I had something picked out but I thought if I could find a good book while there, it would save on shipping.  I did find something I liked plus I got a discount because it was for homeschool so that was even better!  We finally got back in the saddle on Wednesday.  I plan on combining some lessons and skipping a few smaller things in order to catch up and end on time with our planned 6 week schedule. (We are on week 3 lessons and should really be on week 4 but I think we can catch up :-) )

Here are some fun photos from our week!

 We had a huge rain shower early in the week - just a down pour - so the boys headed outside and had an absolute blast playing in the rain. 
 They also rediscovered their computer this week and played their Bible Games every single day.  We also printed off the coloring pictures that went with each Bible story and they colored them for hours . On multiple days.  Don't you love Nate's arm band?  That is from VBS last week and he loves it!
 We did do school work last week that included cutting, pasting, math, reading and more!

 Nate kept jumping into the middle of the photos I was taking so I had to share that funny face!!

 Working on sight words.  I added magnets to the back of letters and used $1.00 cookie sheets as magnet boards.  He loved using the cookie sheet for everything he did all week. 

Currently all of our curriculum is from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I am  in love with her K-4 curriculum - it fits our life perfectly and is so well written and prepared. 

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