Sunday, January 6, 2013

101 in 1001

When I posted about "LIFE ON PURPOSE" back in December, I mentioned something about having 101 goals to complete in 1001 days. (Which is about 2.75 years).  You may recall that I did a 40x40 list and gave myself about 18 months to get it done.  I did complete quite a few of the items but not nearly as many as I would have liked.  Why so long to complete this list?  It allows you more than one season to accomplish things - which is one of the problems I ran into with the 40x40 - in some cases if I missed the opportunity to complete it (Like going to the longest breakfast table) then I was out of luck. This time frame offers a little more wiggle room to get things done.

Below is my list.  I plan to come back to this list and update it periodically and I'll provide a link back to it in my monthly goals post as well.  For the most part, this will just be a list with little explanation - I think most of it is self explanatory :-)  There are a few "left blank on purpose" items because, honestly, those our personal goals.  If and when I accomplish them, I may or may not share ;-)  It's my blog and it's my rules :-)

I made my list in categories in order to help me focus and actually be able to come up with 101 ideas - it took me about a week of working on the list, walking through my house looking for ideas and reading other blogs with their own lists to finally fill out my 101 goals. They are not in any particular order.


11.       Paint the outside of the house – every last inch of it and put gutters up
22.       Landscape our yard, simple but beautiful This is in progress - I've started with just one flower bed area and completed that; I'll keep moving slowly on the other areas in the back yard. 
33.       Complete the playroom including putting in the cubby hole under the stairs
44.       Replace both the front and the back porches The front porch is in progress
55.       Redo the kitchen countertops
66.       Put a new floor in the kitchen
77.    Finish all of the little things (i.e. the banister, the floor pieces, outlets, touch-up to rooms that are done etc) We have a master list in place
88.   Redo the living room – paint, flooring and furniture (this is a stretch but . .. hopefully!)
99.       Put new flooring down in our bedroom
110.   Put up the “dream” light fixtures in the boys room, our room, dining room and kitchen.Done
111.   Be Able to park in the garage (this involves getting a garage door opener!)Done
112.   Get a new Frame for Josh’s 1 year collage. Done
113.   Hang up a coat rack in the stairwell for our “in use” coatsDone

11.       Make birthday board plan and all items for it as well as birthday wreath and get a birthday flag
22.       Design and put into motion a chore chart
33.       Purchase the Trofast system and organize legos now and completely organize the toy situation in the boys room
44.       Find or replace Josh’s SS card :-/Cleaning out drawers is always a good thing - found the card!! (05/08/13)
55.       Begin geocaching together as a family
66.       Start a Savings Account for Nate Done
77.       Increase the boys accounts by a total of $300 over the course of this goal list
88.       Do Christmas Shoeboxes with the boys
99.       Potty Train Both Boys One down, one to go!
110.   Sign the boys up for 1)Gymnastics 2)T Ball 3)1 week of summer sports item 4)Soccer
111.   Sign the boys up for one week of summer activity at the Zoo and at Impressions 5
112.   Make puke buckets for the truck and the boys room. Done
113.   Do family movie night once  a month – a movie the kids will enjoy with a special snack.My kids aren't into movies . .. we've tried and they would rather play.  
114.   Order a new triangle for the play clock (seems like a little thing but I really need it!) The company would not replace it BUT my Mother-In-Laws husband does wood working and he made a new block for me!
115.   Take the kids to the circus

11.       Left blank on purpose
22.       Find a new make-up “source” and take care of my face!!
33.       Complete all of my UFO’s in scrapbooking – the odds and ends, baby books, putting in memorabilia, etc. Completed our Wedding album 02/13;Boys albums are done 4/13
44.       Get my ears repierced (as needed) and start wearing my earrings again (I have one "hole" that has closed up)
55.       Learn how to belly dance
66.       Take a true cooking class
77.       Run a 5k
88.       Reach the 10,000 steps a day goal
99.       Get an Ipod or MP3 player and load it with great music
110.   Get a radio for the kitchen – I love to listen to music and spend a lot of time in the kitchen Done
111.   Go to the eye doctor and get new contacts and new glasses
112.   Read a total of 48 books – books on family, marriage, ect so non-fiction stuff.
113.   Memorize “The Sermon on the Mount” and share it in front of a group.
114.   Learn/be able to Play 24 piano songs – any genre is fine. 
115.   Relearn Clair De Lune
116.   Take care of my Nails for one month and see if it becomes a habit Done
117.   Take care of my feet for one month and see if it becomes a habit Done
118.   Wake up at 6:00 for two weeks solid so I can be up before my kids and see if this is a habit I can continue Done - back to babysitting so I get up at this time every day; makes the day run much smoother!
119.   Go on a snack at night strike for 2 weeks straight.  Only “0 point” snacks allowed – I.e. serving of fruit, water, veggies (no dip!), maybe try the Slushie Recipe I have.  The goal is to stop using food to fill the time.
220.   Pick a theme to study each year and focus on that topic all year (i.e Parenting, Marriage, gardening/landscaping etc) Year 1 - Raising my kids :-)

11.       Attend one marriage seminar/weekend – it would be good for us after 11+ years.
22.       Read and do “The Husband Project”
33.       Budget and plan our finances so we can succeed.  (Monthly tracking and savings) January, February are done; March and April are done; May - check!
44.       Pay off our truck 3 months early.
55.       Save 9 months worth of car payments to put down on a new vehicle
66.       Get dental insurance Looked into this and boy have prices gone up from a few years ago; we are going to be our own "dental insurance" - we have our next cleanings scheduled and I know what I have to put away each month (a lot less than the price of insurance)!!
77.       Have a Living Will/Trust created
88.       Eat at “The Melting Pot”
99.       Do “A word a day” calendar” together to expand our vocabulary
110.   Subscribe to The Sentinel (our local paper)
111.   Open a savings account (membership) under my name for our true savings Done
112.   Make 13 mortgage payments each year
113.   Have a movie night once a month with the hubby – Either Redbox or the video store – but actually GO and get a movie 2013- 4/12

11.       Buy a Camper – either a pop-up or a pull along depending on what deal we can find
22.       Take Darryl to the Rock and Roll and NFL hall of Fame
33.       Travel on one of the boats across Lake Michigan
44.       Plan two family vacations during this time frame – money will determine location but I want to make sure that we at least get away and do fun things. Mackinaw City - Vacation one
55.       Plan two trips for Darryl and I – again, money determines location but I want us to get away.  (Vegas would be nice or CA or Vermont again!)
66.       Take the train trip up in Sault St Marie Canada.
77.       Get our passports updated Not needed until March 2014
88.       Fly First Class
99.       Take a weekend away by myself – leave on Friday, stay in a hotel, relax, shop, see a movie, come home on Sunday – no husband and no kids.   Just me.
110.   Schedule 3 camping trips each summer – End of June, Beginning of August and Beginning of Sept is the goal  2013 - done (decided to do just 2 this summer and do a hotel weekend in July instead)
111.   See WICKED!!! 
112.   See the movie “Les Miserable” – I always wanted to see the broadway play so I guess the movie is the next best thing :-/
113.   Take the train to Chicago and stay downtown
11.       Compile a continuing list of projects I want to make and complete at least one a month I might have to "uncheck" this later but for now, I'm successful at this; both planning and completing projects
22.       Create my Christmas Journal
33.       Make outdoor Christmas décor – Christmas Tree, boxes on planter, and Christmas gifts for the front yard
44.       Get a flag pole and flags for the front of the house
55.       Find a way to display current scrapbooks in the living room
66.       Figure out a side business – thinking scrapbooking layouts or do Scentsy or something simple.
77.       Read “How To Photograph your Baby” and Spend 1 week on each topic practicing the photos
88.       Learn how to use camera on Manual
99.       Make a list of 100 facts about me (to use for #10)
110.   Complete an “All about me Scrapbook” for my kids to enjoy as they grow (A scrapbook about me, the mom!)
111.   Do a “Cookie of the Month” club for the Neighbors – practice various cookies each week and pick the one that is the best – make a big batch and give them to my three next door neighbors. 
112.   Take 1 froxen meal (homemade) meal to each of my three neighbors throughout the year.  Just out of the blue.Not doing either of these . . .I was just desperate for ideas when I wrote this list HA!
113.   Make the John Deere Blanket for Nate – in the car

11.       Replace favorite VHS tapes with DVD’s
22.       Get a Blue Ray Disc player for above items
33.       Organized DVD’s (System on Amazon)
44.       Completely organize the basement – go through everything (again) and be brutal (even more than last time); get clear storage containers so I can see what is in the containers, clean off the drafting table, clean out the filing cabinet, get simple curtains,
55.       Get a Turkey Rack for my roasting pan to use for . . .Turkeys (Saw it on Pioneer Woman – What an easy way to get a turkey out!!)
66.       Organize recipes into two binders – Holidays and Sweets; Every day Eating.  Also get two under the counter hanging baskets of some sort to slide the recipe books into (or one if it is tall enough) to keep them off the counter but handy Done
77.       Organize all of our tax documents from the last 10 years and have them clearly labeled in a file box. 
88.       Organize all manuals into a three ring binder for easy access and keep in the classroom closet. Done!! 

11.       Make or buy a wreath or door décor for each month for the patio door (2 done so far!)
22.       Plan something special/traditional for all holidays for the family – a meal, a special activity etc.
33.       Actually make it to Frankenmuth before Christmas every year
44.       Attend the Kite Festival in May
55.       Attend the lighting of the holiday tree in Lansing

So, that's it.  Even reading it, it is a little overwhelming but I have taken my list, highlighted the first things I want to work on in January and am just going to start tackling items.  This actually "started" in November but with the holidays, I decided to really focus on it starting now :-)

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