Wednesday, March 7, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Wreath

I've been working on getting my St. Patrick's Day stuff done and put out; it's time to share my fantastic wreath that I made!  My inspiration comes from The CSI Project and I found it on Pinterest (so I guess I could have done this for my weekly Pinterest post, huh?).  It is actually an idea from a blog I follow all of the time, Craftomaniac so maybe that is why I kept thinking it was not a Pinterest Project! Anyway, here is the inspiration photo.
I love the green and brown color combination - it keeps it a little more grown-up, I think. 

Here's my little tutorial :-)

Ribbon (wide)
some type of decor

Now, you might notice that I don't actually have a wreath.  I've seen the idea of taking one of those pool noodles, cutting it down, and then duct taping the ends together to make a wreath.  I figured for $2.00, I could try this option (Plus, I cannot, for the LIFE of me, find the wreath form I have in the house . .. the boys like to play with it and now it has disappeared.  I probably hid it from them . . and apparently myself!)  Then, see the "Irish" plaque?  I found that at Hobby Lobby for $8.00 and used the 40% off coupon to get it.  I could not find any shamrock or horseshoe shapes while there so this was my solution. 

I would love to say that I took pictures of the whole process but I did not so I will show you the finished product and tell you how I got there - it did not go as planned but turned out well in the end.

Isn't that great?  What I ended up doing was wrapping the ribbon around the noodle-turned-wreath because the tulle would NOT cover the red noodle and make it not . . .red.  Then, I wrapped the tool over the ribbon to cover any of the tiny bits of red shining through.  Once done, I hot glued my "Irish" board onto the wreath and added some glittery little shamrocks as well.  I really love this wreath and actually have it facing inside the house on the door so I can enjoy it (Instead of facing out for guests to see!)

I have a couple  of things I'll show on a different day :-)


Tracy said...

Your wreath turned out awesome! I like it even better than the inspiration one. Was it hard to form the noodle into a circular shape without the ends popping back to their original straight position? Does it feel secure with the tape? That is such a thrifty, clever idea. Thanks for sharing.

Jackie Koll said...

Well, my answer up unitl 2 minutes ago would be - the noodle works great. It is a little tricky to get it into shape but I think that is partly because I shoud have cut it a little longer (instead of cutting it right in half). It does form well too and you can kinda shape it into the circle after you get it taped. Now,with that said, I just glanced at mine and the end is coming untaped!!! I think I should have had my husband help me so he could have held the ends together while I taped it? Not sure how I'll get it back togethe yet . .. .

Tracy said...

I'm sorry. Hope I didn't jinx you by asking about it. Forgot to mention earlier that you made me laugh when you talked about hiding your wreath form from the boys and yourself. I am a master hider too and have lost many hours playing hide & seek (minus the hide part since that's already done.)Ha!
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Love your wreath. What a neat and inexpensive way to decorate. Maybe you could make one for your front door (even tho you don't use it) for next year?

Carolina Carters said...