Sunday, October 7, 2012

Things My Kids Say

*Recently I took the boys out to lunch at a new Mexican Restaurant here in our town.  Amazingly, it's cheaper than Taco Bell.  Anyway, Josh was dipping his chips into the salsa when a piece of cilantro got stuck to his chip.  He said, "Look mom, it's Lawnmower Sauce, it has grass in it".  I seriously burst out laughing.  How creative is that?

*I've noticed Josh saying something lately and it makes me giggle.  Anytime things "drip" (I.e., his eyes watering so they are "dripping", Fruit Loops escaping his bowl so they are "dripping") he says "I am DRIPPING with sweat" HAHAHAHA  I wonder how many times he heard THOSE words this summer?

*Nate is my future engineer.  He loves to take things apart . As a matter of fact, he has recently taken apart every single pen on my desk, a music box, and . . there was something else I can't recall.  These are famous last words.  "Mom, I'm fixing your ____ (fill in the blank . . pen, music box, etc).  For the record, he is very good at taking things apart.  The putting together side of things is not going so well yet :-/

**The other day, the boys showed me that one of the dinosaurs had fallen off of Nate's wall hanging.  I asked them if they had pulled it off or if it had fallen off on it's own.  They replied, "We can't even reach it mom so it fell on it's own."  Later when I asked them if their blankets hit it, they said, "Well, the blankets flew in the air and it just fell off." HA!  Nice - creative play is good, right?

**I had a bowl of peanuts and candy corn.  Josh, loves candy corn so he was eating it when he said "Mom, look at this, this is different candy corn (pointing to the peanuts) and it is icky."

I'm sure my kids have done/said some other funny things but for about two weeks I was pretty sick and kind of out of it so I didn't really listen well ;-) 

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Karen said...

Hi Jackie,
I'm your foodie penpal for the month of October. I've tried emailing you several times now, and even responded to the email you sent me, but I haven't heard back. I wasn't sure how else to contact you, so thought your blog may be the next best option. Can you please double check you spam and junk email boxes, and add my email onto your 'safe' list? Hopefully that will clear everything up!