Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Too Cute Not to Toot!

Whoo! Whoo!!  Finally some new ideas showing up.  I think everyone was BEAT from Easter crafts and were recycling ideas from years past! 

So, timing is perfect because I just said last week how I'm looking for ideas to decorate two kid rooms - one is going with the dinosaur theme so when I saw this cute idea from Confessions of a Desperate Mom for how to make a dinosaur habitat.  I think this would look cute sitting on his nightstand in his room once we get that far!
This next idea comes from Mom on Timeout and is actually a Teacher Appreciation gift BUT when I saw it I thought of Father's Day!  I've been thinking of ideas for my husband for Father's Day and this might be it.
Here's another creative Father's Day gift idea.  It comes from Smallgood Hearth and is for a cute Tie Holder.  My husband doesn't wear ties often but if yours does (or your dad . ..brother . . friend) this would be a fun gift!
Ok, here's the deal.  Before kids, I had some beautiful Black Eyed Susans by my garage.  Now, thanks to the dog, the kids, and rain they are not the same.  My husband said that we just need to get some planters and decorate that particular area that way - the kids LOVE to step on flowers . . .Well I saw this cute idea over at Wait Till Your Father gets Home for, what she calls, The Mad Planter, and I knew that THIS was it.  Actually, I want to do this for my porch.

Design, Dining and Diapers shares her Front Porch redo and I just love it.  I'd like to do something to our main entrance (it is actually our back porch) to make it welcoming and fresh so this is just great inspiration!
Ok, I love Laundry Rooms.  I wish I had one of those main floor rooms off the kitchen that has plenty of room for stuff and is cute to look at but instead I have a great room downstairs that only I see HA!  But, I actually spend time down there due to the large amount of laundry I do each week so when I saw this idea from Life as a Thrifter I fell in love with it.  I only have so many walls to hang photos and this would just be so cute and uplifting to see photos of my family hanging on the wall! (PS - I also love the color . . .mine is a great yellow color but I would really love it to be orange someday!)
I love this sign from Artsy VaVa and all I can say is that it is TRUE!  I want to make this for my Laundry room  - maybe to hang at the base of the stairs so it can be seen by all :-)
Another idea I've mentioned in a recent post is the simple fact that I want to have meals pre-prepared for the dog days of summer for the simple reason that our kitchen gets SOOOO hot.  I want to use the crockpot and grill alot but I came across this blog called Once a Month Mom which deals with tons of freezer meals.  I haven't scoured it yet but one idea I saw is chicken nuggets.  I really don't like the frozen ones in the store but she shares a recipe for homemade nuggets ... just cook them fully, let them cool, and then freeze them to re-heat later for lunch!
I'll end with that this week!  WOW!  So many great ideas.  I can't wait to make some of these and show you my take on the inspiration!

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