Monday, April 16, 2012

A Rew Random Things

Sometimes, life happens and that is what happened this weekend. Oh, and it was good :-)  On Saturday, my husband worked (we would much rather have him home but . . .work is work) so it was just the boys and I during the day.  I decided to take on an adventure and take the boys to the grocery store with me.  Now, don't get me wrong, my boys are really, very well behaved but they are also very active boys!  I knew that they would love it - but I also love being able to just have some "quiet" time in the store and do my thing!  I will say though, that we had a blast.  The boys were great - they rode in the cart  . .. and go out every time I stopped so they could help :-)  Lots of people stopped to talk to them and just thought they were adorable.  It only took until half-way through the store before they started asking if we were done yet HA!  We got a treat for lunch (McDonald's!) before they helped me unload all of the bags and then headed out to play.  They really had a great day.  On Sunday, my husband took the day off so we had some family fun.  I actually let him sleep (yep, skipped church . . sorry Dad) since he was exhausted from getting up at 3:00 am for days on end and he slept until 10:00 so I guess he was tired.  After lunch, we went for a hike on a local trail and it was fun!!  The boys enjoyed the wagon and China, the dog, enjoyed the walk (I think she'll sleep for a week!!).  We finally blew up the Hoppers the boys got for Easter and they LOVED them.  So, lots of family and play time.

Why do I tell you all of that?  Because I don't have another post for today HA!  Hopefully I can get my normal Tuesday post up tonight!!

Have a great day :-)

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