Thursday, March 29, 2012

What I'm Reading

I've been busy reading free books this week :-)  It is the end of the month, I've spent my $10.00 max on books and also used up a couple of amazon gift cards thanks to Swag Bucks.  I didn't want to turn in any more Swagbucks so I could save some for next month. 

This is the book I just finished yesterday.  I had picked it up for free quite awhile ago because it looked like it might be humorous and I wasn't disappointed.  The story is based around a women who works for a Ladies Magazine as the craft writer.  Her life has just fallen apart thanks to her dead husband and she is not a prime suspect in a murder.  Yes, it is a mystery  book but it is a funny mystery book.  I chuckled quite a few times throughout the book.  The one disappointment?  The language - totally 100% unnecessary.  It was kinda thrown in for shock effect I think (and it worked, geesh).  This is the first book in a series - I've added the others to my wish list so I don't forget about them. 

This was a great book.  I picked this one fairly recently for free and found that I didn't want to put it down.  The basis of the story is that a bride, who left her groom at the alter, returns to her hometown to talk to him and make things right before leaving town again.  She quickly learns how much she needs the town and the town needs her.  When I started reading this book, I did not realize that it is actually a reprint of the original version.  The author stated that she added more "sensuality" to make it more relevant.  Then it made sense because there were a few things that just didn't fit with the rest of the book.  It is more just innuendo's and well-written phrases than anything but it really wasn't need to make it a good book. 

One thing that is a little disappointing in the search for free books is the lack of Christian Books that are free.  (or even reduced prices).  I've been watching Inspired Reads almost daily to make sure I don't miss any.  I should clarify that - specifically the lack of Christian FICTION books.  I have gotten several devotionals and non-fiction books for free.  I did pick up a couple this past week and that's what I'm reading now.

I have literally just started this book - read the first chapter so far.  I'm hoping for a well-written book that has a Christian base to it.  We'll see how it goes! 

I have finished the entire Stephanie Plum series as far as the numbered books but I discovered that are books "between the numbers" - I think three of them.  From what I've read on them, they have Stephanie Plum in them but also include another set of Characters who eventually get their own "spin off" series.  Not sure yet if I'll read those - they don't really flow with the others so we'll see!


Tracy said...

Wow! How on earth did you get through all the Stephanie Plum books so fast? I really enjoy the series too but have fallen a bit behind and haven't read the last 2 of them.
Just started reading I Think I Love You by Stephanie Bond and really having a hard time getting into it. Not sure why, maybe it's just my mood at the moment and lack of time to read :( Despite the lack of reading time, I continue to download many books each day. (Thanks to your posting with The Literature Lady & Pixel of Ink) Do you happen to know of any other good sites that list freebies and discounts? Also, do you have any idea how many books can be stored on the Kindle and what happens when you reach the maximum?
On a totally, unrelated topic...I thought of you yesterday when I hung up an Easter wreath on the front door. Wasn't creative enough to make one myself, just bought a really cute one at Michaels but it sure adds a bit of cheer to the door/front of the house.
Have a great day!

Jackie Koll said...

Hi Tracy :-) It took me a few chapters to really get into that book too. The first few chapters were a little . . boring . .setting the stage. I haven't come across any other sites yet. I wish I could!

I haven't even hung a wreath yet - I'm hoping to make one this coming week :-)

Jackie Koll said...

You can hold a LOT of books on your kindle (ironically, my husband just looked at this) I have 10 pages of books listed on my kindle and have barely touched the surface of the memory. We figured that I could have about 100 pages of books listed before I ran out of memory. You can do two things if you need to move books. You can delete some (I delete books that I read and don't love - especially if they were free to begin with) or you can also move them to your computer and same them there (I'm guessing you could burn discs with books if you needed to free up space too) I'll try to include a simple tutorial on this info in my next post :-)