Thursday, February 2, 2012

Show Us Your Life Fridays - Singles!

I haven't done a "Show us your life" Friday post in a long time because . . .. the topics did not pertain to me.  Well, this weeks does so I am linking up over at Kellys Korner.  It is showing off your singles . . and well. . .. I'm . . .NOT single HA!!  You were all a little worried, weren't you?  So why am I doing this?  Because my niece Marisa IS single so I want to link up with all the other single posts to maybe find her someone wonderful!

Some simple facts about Marisa:

19 years old
A missionary kid - she has spent a good portion of her growing up years in Brazil
She is great with kids - and currently works at a day care while her family is back in the states.
She is the third of 4 kids and is a total 3rd child - an extrovert to a tee.
She is short (well, she is! - we tease her that she probably needs to sit in a booster seat - but she is really over 5 feet tall . .. ok . . or maybe just under 5 feet tall but she is soooo close!)
She has a great talent for photography that she is just now really starting to experiment with and learn.
Currently she is planning to return to Brazil and work in an orphanage there (but I would love for her to stay in the states .. just saying!!)

Marisa is a Christian and loves the Lord - she is seeking what He would have her do right now (and as her favorite Aunt, I'm praying really hard too!!) She has recently completed a counseling class and is also taking a class related to teaching English as a second language. 

Marisa enjoys music very much and yes, she can sing :-)  At family gatherings, she provides comic relief (or maybe we just all enjoy laughing at with her!) and really is so much fun!! 

Marisa is "my sweet Marisa" and has been since she was born.  I love her to death - she has a tender heart, a sweet spirit and is fun!!! 

Feel free to leave a comment on this post to contact Marisa - I'll be sure to forward the information on to her. 

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