Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Weekly Pinterest Challenge # 4

With a birthday party and Halloween upon us, I decided to switch to a food item from my "Recipe Board".  It's football season (which we love) so an appetizer type recipe seemed perfect.  Taste of Home shares a quick recipe for Mozzarella Sticks that is different!  Here is the inspiration photo:
Don't those just look yummy?  There were a few comments that said you could bake them to be healthy but sometimes, a deep fried treat tastes so good so I stuck with the original recipe and did just that.  This is how mine turned out:
These were FANTASTIC!!!  So super easy too!!!  The recipe calls from egg roll wrappers and string cheese.  I had won ton wrappers on hand so I cut each piece of string cheese in half. 

The Recipe:
Egg Roll or Won Ton Wrappers
String Cheese
Oil for Frying

Lay the string cheese on the corner of the wrapper and roll half way, fold in the sides of the wrapper, use water on the edges and finishing rolling; seal. 

Place in hot oil, heated to 375 (I heated mine only to 350 and they didn't brown as much as we would have liked) and fry for 30 -60 seconds.  Dip in your favorite marinara sauce :-)

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